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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Twin Parallels Of Media Coverage

Libby draws conservative court panel in bid to delay going to prison in CIA leak case

Case No 1.
As you know Scooter Libby was just found guilty and sentenced to 30 months in jail. There was actually no crime involved but found guilty of lying to the grand jury under oath.

Case No 2.
Sandy Berger (former Clinton National Security Adviser) pleads guilty to stealing classified documents that the 911 Commission never saw. He destroyed documents. Why is it no one seems curious as to what he took and more importantly why? Are we to believe he just arbitrarily walks in the National Archives and steals documents then suffers memory loss? As part of his plea deal he agreed to take a polygraph test and now it has been over 700 days and he as yet to take it. He faces no jail time.

The media's motto is "Doing more then just reporting the news."

Now compare one and two.

To throw a little more gas on the fire say Berger was a Republican who worked for "W"!


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