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Sunday, November 18, 2007

SNL skit "Billary"

Wolf Blitzer: "Mrs.Clinton, in the last debate when asked if you would give illegals a drivers license you hemmed and hawed and completely dodged the question. When I just asked you the same question you came back with an emphatic NO. Why the about face"?

Mrs. Clinton: "Actually Wolf, Bill and I discussed it in great detail. We believe illegals
should have a drivers license. But after the Spitzer plan to give illegals a drivers license went up in flames and 77% of Americans were against it, we being Clinton's, not to reveal the truth, will tell Americans what they want to hear. Wolf.... isn't that what all Democrats do"?

Wolf: "Mrs. Clinton. It is refreshing to here you give an honest answer. I do believe this is the first time I have ever heard you speak the truth."

Mrs. Clinton "Thanks Wolf. By the way not only do I want illegals to have a drivers license I want all of us to speak Spanish, that is why I voted against English as our national language"!

Wolf Blitzer Looks in the camera

The sad part is, this ain't a joke!


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