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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Clinton's aka "Billiary"

I like to watch Dick Morris. Most of his views on the political landscape and the strategies of politicians are dead on. He brought up the fact that Hilliary says the Sovereign Wealth Funds needs to be scrutinized and more transparent. ( Some critics worry that foreign investment by sovereign wealth funds raises national security concerns because the purpose of the investment might be to secure control of strategically-important industries for political rather than financial gain. )

This is kind of funny coming from her since the Saudi-Royal Family gave a $10 million donation for the Clinton Library. Also, this one kills me, Bill Clinton is an investment advisor to the Ameer of Dubai and is paid $10 million a year in salary!

The Clinton's are liars, liars, liars. Nixon compared to the Clinton's was a shoplifter.

Getting back to the library. What a fucking scam job that is. Here we got a library that cost a whopping $165 million built as a monument to the most scandal riddled administration of all time. A tribute to an impeached, disbarred, x-president. A disgrace to the nation. America, in and even more despicable act, is actually contemplating putting these two lying bastards back in the White House! God help us.


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