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Thursday, July 3, 2008

News Flash

The Chinese are now in collusion with the Cubans to drill for oil off the Cuban coast. What they are doing in affect is sucking out the oil reserves right from under the Florida coastline.

I seem to remember in 2006 gas was about $2.65 a gal when Pelosi and her band of fools took over with the promise of ending the war and reducing the cost of gas. You see where they got us. No wonder their approval rating is worse then Bush.

These Democratic bastards do not want to drill for oil anywhere. They want an alternative fuel source. They want something that is clean and nice. Like tomorrow somebody is going to invent a pill. It goes like this: You piss in the gas tank, drop the pill in, and you're good for 500 miles. This is the fucking dream world they live in!

They are against drilling so we have only one option left. We have to rely on our friends for oil:

Venezuela............ Controlled by the "DR Evil" of South America

Saudi Arabia........ Weren't 15 of the 19 hijackers Saudi's?

Iran ....... Their leader, another mad man, latest quote "Israel is a stinking corpse".

How does that saying go .......with friends like these....

It cost's Saudi Arabia less then $2.00 a barrel to pump the oil. So between the Saudi's, speculators, and the oil companies, it is jacked up to the tune of $140 a barrel.

Take a moment and imagine a football field. Now imagine a postage stamp laying on the football field. The postage stamp represents the size of the area as a whole that would be taken to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge better know as ANWR.

Look I don't want to walk down Naples pier and see a oil rig 500 feet away. But if it is 50 miles off shore, and you can't see it, who gives a shit?

We need a alternative fuel source. Fine. Search for it while we are drilling for oil. Bush said we are addicted to oil. And damn it, we need a fix!