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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How low can you go....and I'm not talking limbo

It has finally sunk in. Democrats realize they have lost the Christian vote. (psst.... maybe abortion has something to do with it). According to FOX Bush took 80% of the Christian vote against Kerry in 2004! To compound the problem, depending on who you believe, 15% to 30% of Clinton voters are voting for McCain! Considering she got about 18 million votes that's a chunk of change! So what do you?

Throw in a head fake! For the first time in DNC history an interfaith prayer service was performed in an attempt to trick the voting public. This is a hallmark blatant attempt to get votes under the pretense of .....the born again Democratic party...... period!!!

Just about every prominent faith was represented. Conspicuously absent was Rev Wright.

This....... ladies and gentleman... is what you're really getting


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