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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Edward's back in the news

Edward's has broken 3 months of silence to speak at Indiana University. This speech was arranged before the affair became public. He was supposed to get a fee of $50,000 but the university cut it to $35,000 because he had an extra-marital affair. (If you're going to use those guidelines, the truth be known, he should have to pay the university to speak.)

No cameras were allowed in the auditorium. No TV crews. Students had to submit written questions before the speech. Then Edwards picked the one's he chose to answer. For some inexplicable reason his prior infidelity never came up during the entire speech.

The students and the university got nothing out of it that I could see. Edwards got enough money to pay Rielle Hunter for another two months to keep her mouth shut and prevent her from getting a paternity test. There is no father listed on the birth certificate.

See. I guess some good comes out of everything.


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