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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama's transitional visit to the White House

This was certainly something for the ages. To start off with Obama pulls up in a Limousine with mag wheels. I said to myself ...don't tell me those wheels are going to keep spinning after he stops. He gets out of the limo with his wife and is warmly accepted by the President and the First lady. Laura hugs Michelle Obama and kisses her on the cheek. I myself was taken back by the warm reception. But then again, say what you will, the Bushes are a class act.

For over a year Obama put him through a Presidential Veg-O-Matic! ...slicing, dicing, grilling, barbecuing, filleting. One remark in particular (and taken completely out of context) was when he said, "Bush's answer to 911 was to go shopping." I could have fried an egg on my head! Yet the reception was warm and inviting at the White House. A class act.

Do any of you remember the transition in 2000 when the Bush's took over the White House from the Clinton's?

Believe it or not this article came from the NYT's

Goaded by skeptical Democrats, the White House provided additional details today of pranks and vandalism that it said had been committed by Clinton administration leaving office in January.

President Bush's press secretary, Ari Fleischer, said: ''Seventy-five telephones had been tampered with. Ten phone cords were cut, rendering those phones totally inoperable.''

In addition, Mr. Fleischer said, the new administration found ''pornographic or obscene messages'' on the voice mail of 15 telephones. As a result, he said, ''The White House determined that we had no choice but to erase all the voice mail messages throughout the White House phone system.''

Mr. Fleischer said the new administration also discovered lewd messages written on the walls of six offices in the White House complex and pornographic pictures buried in stacks of blank paper in several photocopiers.

''In an attempt to deprive the incoming White House of office supplies,'' Mr. Fleischer said, ''the previous administration threw out vast quantities of paper, pens and pencils and three-ring binders, which we recovered.''

Mr. Fleischer said the new administration had to buy 100 new computer keyboards, at a cost of $2,000, to replace equipment damaged when employees of the Clinton administration removed the ''W'' keys, apparently in an effort to express displeasure with George W. Bush.

Reports of the damage were widespread at the time of Mr. Bush's inauguration. But in May, a manager at the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, said that accounts of vandalism by departing Clinton administration officials had not been documented. In the last two weeks, Democrats have accused the Bush administration of overstating the damage.

Mr. Fleischer provided a list of the infractions to The Washington Post, which published a story about them on Sunday, and he answered questions about them today.

Mr. Fleischer said, the White House did not compile records of the damage because Mr. Bush did not want to make an issue of it.

Mr. President I have not agreed with you on everything. The bail out being one. But I tip my hat to you. Since 911 you have protected this great country which a lot of Americans have seemed to forgot. I wonder if Obama will be able to make the same claim after his term in office? the way...Did I mention the Bush's are a class act?


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