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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Johnnie Cochran Really Thought About O.J.

By Mark Fisher

It was late, nearing midnight, during O.J. Simpson's murder

trial in Los Angeles. Simpson's lead attorney, Johnnie

Cochran, had promised me an interview but had

warned that we'd have to squeeze it in during off

-hours. There weren't many off hours during the

insanity of the Trial of the Century.

"Meet me at the office late," Cochran said.

How late, I asked.

"Doesn't matter," Cochran replied. "No matter how

late you come, I'll be there."

Forty midnights in a row at the office had left the

lawyer in a contemplative mood. The spectacle

of the Simpson matter had long since ceased to

impress or appall. Every bit of legal strategy

and media manipulation had been combed over

so incessantly that there really weren't many

questions left to ask. So I asked the only

question I was really curious about.

Cochran by this point was well past ritual. So he

dished, off the record, of course. Cochran died in 2005,

so, by tradition of the craft, those comments are now

fair game.

"There's something wrong with him," Cochran said,

and he talked about other clients he'd had who somehow

managed to persuade themselves that they hadn't

done what they actually had done.

Simpson was a big star, a hero to some, a talented

person. But, said Cochran, "I wouldn't believe him

if he told me the sun was coming up again tomorrow morning."

And then the lawyer went back to work

on a defense so wonderfully constructed that it got

off a guy who had done a truly terrible deed.

PS: I'll never forget that look on Kardashian's face

when the verdict was read......

"My God, .....these idiot's actually believe... he didn't do it!"


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