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Friday, April 10, 2009

Minnow Swallowing The Whale

Every time this happens it kills me. I'm talking about the Somali terrorists (the media likes to call "Pirates") taking over a US container ship. Since 2005 there have been dozens of ships from various countries hijacked by the Somali's. It is estimated they have made over $30 million in ransom.

This is the Maersk Alabama. The ship they captured. It is 508 ft long and weighs 30,662 tons. These ships can carry in excess of $100 million in cargo. It is so big you can't get the whole ship in the photo.

These are the five Somali's that hijacked the ship in what appears to be a 20ft runabout. The guy nearest the bow has a RPG straddling his shoulder. The guy in the middle is leaning back, having a beer, expounding on his sexual exploits. The one to his immediate right has a rifle maybe a machine gun. The guy to his right is wondering if the guy in the middle is talking about his girlfriend. The guy at the stern just came along for the ride and is now wondering if this was such a good idea.


Why does this happen? Because all of these ships are unarmed. Combine that with the fact Somalia is a lawless country with no government.To add frosting to the cake according to Wikipedia they get their weapons from Yemen whose population is 99% Muslim. Lets see.... Muslim, terrorists, and guns. Not exactly an unheard of combination!

So what is the world of shipping going to do? Take down the flag of their country of origin and hoist the white flag? Oh....wait a minute..they already did that!


The solution. To borrow an over worked line from Scarface. "Let me introduce you to my little friend."

I give you the Vulcan 20mm cannon. It fires 6,200 rounds per minute. A hail of bullets so fierce a mosquito couldn't get through at several thousand yards! Imagine a dozen of these placed around a cargo ship.

This is his big brother. Four of these wouldn't hurt either.


This worked out so well for the Somali's I think I'm going to the store and buy a pea shooter and have Fort Knox surrender to me.

Bottom line. Blow these bastards into next week.


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MAS1916 said...

President Obama now has a diplomatic crisis on his hands. It seems the Somali thug community is quite upset with Him for allowing the demise of three business partners.

Europe and nations that have ships currently being held in Somalia are feeling badly about their own inability to get them back. Obama must do something quickly to restore their self esteem.

The Human Rights lawers are all over the case of the US Navy for violating the thugs Human Rights.

Man.. that is a lot for the Leader to juggle!