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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shocking.....Specter A Democrat!

The shock of a lifetime!!! .........Someone cut me some slack.

I was going to say he is a closet liberal but he is in the closet about as much as Barney Frank!

There are two constants in life:

1. The sun coming up in the morning.

2. Arlen Specter stabbing the Republican party in the back.

Every time the Republican Party needed his vote on a pivotal issue... The Bailout... Illegals getting Social Security... Abortion.... The Ted Kennedy inspired Shamnesty Bill.... to name a few, he always went the other way.

Unequivocally Arlen Specter has told us this....I have no value system. Screw America. I would run in the Nazi party as long as I was re-elected Senator!

I hope the people of PA see this for what it is. A con job!
He is one of the reasons I have been shouting for term limits.

Here is the problem as I see it with Specter on the next go around. Americans are basically stupid, becoming just another twig in the river of hope and change. We allow the "wind" of the media to influence are decisions and follow blindly whatever the "growing trend" is with no research of the candidate. We are so absorbed with are everyday lives that we expect nothing from are politicians. And that's exactly what we get! Why do I say that? Because I could almost guarantee you people like Pelosi, Specter, Frank, and Dodd (all incompetent lying bastards) are going to be re-elected.

A case in point.

Let's take the good people of Minnesota. First they elect Jesse (The Joke) Ventura a wrestler for governor. Now it appears Stewart Smalley (aka Al Franken) is going to be a Senator. Why? Because Donald Duck turned it down.

Oh....I almost forgot. They also elected Keith Ellison , a Minnesota Democrat and the first Muslim ever elected to Congress and sworn in on the Koran.

It gets even better. This woman is running for the Senate in Louisiana. Her name is Stormy Davis. What are her qualifications? She is a porn star! Larry Flint of Hustler magazine is going to be her campaign manager. Hey, I ain't making this stuff up. I'm just trying to keep you.... a breast.... of the situation.

Getting back to Specter. I hope the people of PA see him for what he really is. He's not a Republican or Democrat. He's a son-of-bitch!


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MAS1916 said...

Nice pic...

This was Biden and Specter getting a good look at Manhattan during the Air Force One photo op.