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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Subject Morons...

Dear Comrade Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislator:

It is now official: You are all morons.

The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775 - you have had 234 years to get it right; it is broke.

Social Security was established in 1935 - you have had 74 years to get it right; it is broke.

Fannie Mae was established in 1938 - you have had 71 years to get it right; it is broke..

War on Poverty started in 1964 - you have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor"; it hasn't worked.

Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 - you've had 44 years to get it right; they're broke

Freddie Mac was established in 1970 - you have had 39 years to get it right; it is broke

Trillions of dollars in the massive political payoff called the TARP bill of 2009 shows NO sign of working.

And finally to set a new record:

"Cash for Clunkers" was established in 2009 and went broke in 2009! The auto dealers are quitting because the gov. won't pay them what they promised. Should we be surprised? Here we go again……what, you say trust me. DUH?

So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that "services" you shove down our throats are failing faster and faster, you want Americans to believe you can be trusted with a government-run health care system? 15% of our economy? Are you crazy? Now Warren Buffett is bailing on Obama…..If I ran my house finances like the gov. does I'd be in jail. And that's because of the laws they (the gov.) put in place. Wake up America .

Truly, the inmates are running the asylum! (And what does this say about voters who put such pond scum in office...hmmm? Maybe we need to let others in on this brilliant record before 2010 and just vote against incumbents.)

The best social welfare program in the country is a decent job……..will they ever get the message? Probably not.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Edwards moving love child into his neighborhood?

Remember when Edwards said concerning his affair.... "This is nothing but tabloid trash"!
Remember when he said..... "I'll take a paternity test to prove the child isn't mine".
I bet the house and won. He is a liar from the top of his head right down to the soles of his shoes.

(This must have gone over real big with the wife)

The National Enquirer - the folks who broke the story about the John Edwards extramarital affair with former campaign aide Rielle Hunter - reports something rather unbelievable now.

The tabloid claims that Edwards is planning to move Hunter and their alleged love child into his family's Wilmington, N.C. neighborhood. Rumors are swirling that a DNA test has been conducted and that it showed Edwards to be the father of Hunter's daughter Frances. (He has made no such announcement.)

(The Enquirer has been covering the Edwards scandal since December 2007 and, like it or not, much of what it has reported has turned out to be true.)

The Enquirer claims that cancer survivor and long-suffering political wife Elizabeth Edwards exploded in rage when her husband told her his plans to move Hunter and her daughter close to their $2.6 million waterfront mansion.

"John's admitted to his family and close friends that he's the father of Frances. He says he wants to be a part of her life and help raise his daughter," a source tells the Enquirer. "Elizabeth was hit with an overwhelming one-two punch.

"She's always figured the child may be John's, but the positive DNA result really floored her. And as if that wasn't bad enough, John told Elizabeth he needed to be in his daughter's life - and that Rielle was moving to North Carolina."

The source said that Elizabeth was so angry that she grabbed a suitcase and started packing.

Unbelievable? You decide.

On "Larry King Live" Wednesday, Elizabeth made it sound like a paternity test hadn't been conducted yet. "My expectation is that at some point, something happens," she said when King asked her about such a test. "I hope that for the sake of this child, that it happens in a quiet way."

At home, "things are going fine," she said. "We're getting the children ready for the new school year. Everything is going smoothly at my house."


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dodd Cleared of Ethics Violation

3 Bastards...
1 Big Lie

How Ethics Disappear

Paul Greenberg
Friday, August 14, 2009

Gosh, what a surprise: A committee of their fellow senators has decided that Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad did nothing unethical when they took out loans from Countrywide Financial on the kind of favorable terms not available to us mere mortals without their financial or political standing -- or a personal connection to the head of Countrywide.

The very Select Committee on Ethics did recognize that the whole deal looked bad, and gave its colleagues a gentle pat on the wrist for creating "the appearance that you were receiving preferential treatment based on your status as a senator." But in the end one hand washed the other, if not very well.

The senators on the committee have a point: This VIP program -- called Friends of Angelo after Angelo Mozilo, the head of Countrywide at the time -- wasn't restricted to U.S. senators; it seems to have been open to a wide, bipartisan range of politicians with pull as well as anybody Angelo Mozilo took a liking to. To name a select few:

A former secretary of housing and urban development (Alphonso Jackson), a former secretary of health and human services and later university president (Donna Shalala), a former assistant secretary of state and still diplomat (Richard Holbrooke), an adviser to Barack Obama's presidential campaign (James Johnson) and so prominently on.

How else could these preferential loans appear but improper? Could it be because they were improper, ethically if not legally?

The surest way to lose the very basic and maybe first definition of ethics -- obligations beyond the law -- is to treat ethics as only a branch of the law rather than a separate realm above it. Which is why the phrase, "ethics law" is something of an oxymoron. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right.

When a member of the U.S. Senate is told he's getting a favor, like a point off his interest rate, that ought to be enough to raise a warning flag -- and keep him from accepting the deal.

Countrywide cast a wide net for its favoritism, but just how wide may never be known. It seems the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (which may prove another oxymoron because it doesn't seem all that interested in either oversight or reform) is refusing to issue a subpoena for Countrywide's records of just who got these VIP loans and why.

The chairman of the committee, it turns out, is one Edolphus Towns, a Democratic congressman from New York, who himself received a couple of loans from Countrywide. What a coincidence.

Chairman Towns denies getting any special treatment, but without a look at Countrywide's records, how can the public be assured of that? If the congressman has nothing to hide, why isn't he going after the records that would vindicate him? Somehow we don't expect him to answer such questions till, like Sens. Dodd and Conrad, public pressure forces him to.

Lest we forget, Sen. Conrad tried to brazen out this scandal at first, declaring: "I never met Angelo Mozilo. I have no way of knowing how they categorized my loan. I never asked for, expected or was aware of any special treatment. ... From what we have been able to determine, it appears that we were given a competitive rate."

Only later did it emerge that the senator had spoken with Angelo Mozilo by phone about getting a mortgage. The loan officer at Countrywide who was in charge of such loans testified that both senators knew very well they were getting special treatment. Indeed, that it was standard practice to tell recipients of such loans they were getting a preferred rate.

Well, sure. What's the point of doing influential people a favor if they don't know about it? Let it be noted that Countrywide didn't just give Sen. Dodd a VIP loan; it also contributed some $20,000 to his political campaigns.

Sen. Dodd now has acknowledged that he should have leveled with the public sooner about his relationship with Countrywide -- "I think (my silence) contributed to people's cynicism and distrust that maybe I wasn't telling the truth...." Ya think?

What is most obviously missing from both these senators' approach to ethics, or rather their avoidance of it, is their neglect of what may be the most basic, and is surely one of the first, ethical injunctions ever recorded: Build a fence around the law, said an ancient sage. That is, don't even come close to stepping over the line. Or appearing to.

Something else seems to have escaped these two U. S. senators -- namely, that they are U.S. senators. Which means their getting a loan at a preferential rate through the head of a corporation like Countrywide, which was very much dependent on favorable treatment by the government before it came crashing down at great expense to the taxpayers, is quite different from a private citizen's getting a mortgage at the same preferential rate.

Why? Because the private citizen is in no position to return the favor through political influence. Which is why the ethical standards expected of public officials are higher. Or at least should be. That crucial distinction used to be well understood. I'm not so sure it is now.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care".

The Dem's have dismissed this as "disgusting" and "fear mongering".

They had a guy on FOX who actually read the entire bill which was over 1000 pages. He was some sort of heath care expert. The first thing he pointed out was the Medi-Care bill was only 5 pages long. He went on to say that the very young and the very old would not get the utmost health care; that would be reserved for the "productive members of society". OK fine.

Next question:

When will the executions begin for the people on Welfare for the last 20 years?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remember this guy?

William Jefferson

Finally justice has been served but you don't

hear Jack from the media.

The FBI raided his office in May of 2006 and found $96,000 in his freezer and charged him with bribery. Unbelievably, the idiots in New Orleans actually re-elected him later that same year!

Speaking of idiots. Who could forget the infamous mayor who suffers from chronic diarrhea of the mouth.

Remember Ray (I want to make this town Chocolate again) Nagin.

When you have people who are inept and corrupt running the city, and the residents (knowing that) voted for them, how can you now scratch your head wondering why the city is the way it is?

It never was about money not spent on (Katrina) New Orleans. Its what happened to it after it got there.

William Jefferson

Former U.S. congressman convicted in bribery case

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | 6:08 PM ET Comments12Recommend2

Former Louisiana Representative William Jefferson walks to federal court in Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday.

Former Louisiana Representative William Jefferson walks to federal court in Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday. (Kevin Wolf/Associated Press)

A federal court jury in suburban Washington, D.C., has convicted a former Louisiana congressman on 11 of 16 counts including bribery in a case in which agents found $90,000 US in his freezer.

Former Democratic Representative William Jefferson is accused of accepting more than $400,000 in bribes and seeking millions more in exchange for brokering business deals in Africa between 2000 and 2005.

He had represented parts of New Orleans for 18 years until his defeat in 2008.

The jury deliberated five days before returning the verdict Wednesday. It was an eight-week trial.

Jefferson's attorneys say he was acting as a private business consultant and his actions did not constitute bribery under federal law.

In August 2005, FBI agents searched Jefferson's Washington home and found the cash in his freezer, wrapped in foil and hidden in boxes of frozen pie crust.

If the money is legit what's it doing in the freezer?


Monday, August 10, 2009

Love Child

This is a bias report that wreaks with truth.
I have a
personal vendetta against John Edwards. If I told you the whole-
you wouldn't believe it anyway.

Remember this song by the Supremes?

Love child
Never meant to be
Love Child
Born in poverty
Love Child
Never meant to be
Love Child
Take a look at me

To enrich your reading experience, try to hold the song and allow it to play along in the back of your mind.

Rielle Hunter, center, is escorted into a courthouse in Raleigh, N.C., Thursday, where her former love, John Edwards, was being investigated over campaign funds.

Finally after begging the FBI to investigate this bastard someone is actually doing something.
What did Jackie Gleason used to say..... "How sweet it is"!

See my Dec 03, 2008 Post

Rielle Hunter's Sister Comes Forward

BY Bill Hutchinson

Cradling their reputed love child, the former mistress of John Edwards showed up Thursday at a North Carolina courthouse where a grand jury is investigating the frisky politician's campaign spending.
You be the judge.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

See I Could Do It

I said to myself.

Why not write something positive for a change. I'm always bitching, pissing, and moaning. Just for once write something with a positive outlook.

I can't do it... I told myself. I'm the Merchant of Venom. The name alone gives me away.

I thought this:

Hemingway once bet a guy he could write a story using only six words. I was intrigued. They laid their money down on the bar. Even for Hemingway this was an impossible feat. There is no way a story can be written in six words. However, the guy lost the bet.

If he could write a story in only six words certainly I can write something on a positive note.

I can do this.

I am now standing in front of a brick wall. A pickaxe is leaning against it.
Should I pick it up? I must I thought... a pickaxe is what I need. I grabbed the smooth shiny wood handle, feeling top-heavy in my hands. This wall looms in front of me like the look I got from the grandma clerk, when I was young man, buying prophylactics in the drug store. She had that...I know what you're up to sting in her eye.

There it stood. Directly in my path. High, solid, and I didn't know how thick. I spread my legs, arched my back, both hands low on the handle, swung a mighty swing like ringing the bell at the County Fair. It hit with a smash with no split only a few sharp red fragments grudgingly falling away.

This wall is coming down. I don't care what it takes. I grabbed the pickaxe and reared back on my heals.

Wait a minute stupid... You can't bring this wall down in one whack!

Oh yeah!

The hell with it I said. I pounded and pounded without mercy until exhausted I fell to one knee.

A jagged funnel shape in the wall was beginning to form. I looked closer and there was a small hole about the size of a BB that pierced the other side. I tried to see through the tiny opening but
all I could see was a fine white point of light. I needed to see more.

I swung the pickaxe missing my intended target, the brunt of the blow striking the side of the funnel hole, before ricocheting down to the opening making it larger to the size of a dime.

I looked through. Then turned my head away rubbing my eyes. Looked through again. It was Ernest Hemingway. He had a sign in his left hand. It said: Get a life.

I stepped aside again to rub my eyes, and then nestled my check once more on the peephole and saw his right arm partially away from his body and had to tilt my head a little to see better through the hole. I saw his right hand clearly now. It was another sign. It said....For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Then I woke up.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Martinez Taking A Cue From Benedict Arlen

Martinez is backing Sotomayorrr. Gee.... I wonder if her name was Johnson if he still vote for her?

"It is a momentous and historic opportunity," Martinez (R-Fla.) said.

For him or the rest of us?

Republican senator backs Sonia Sotomayor

Mel Martinez of Florida is the first to break from the GOP during the Senate debate on Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. He calls her a 'mainstream' judge who would 'rule with restraint.'
By James Oliphant
9:45 AM PDT, August 5, 2009
Reporting from Washington -- Sen. Mel Martinez today was the first Republican to publicly break from his party during the Senate debate over Sonia Sotomayor and declare his support for the Supreme Court nominee.

"It is a momentous and historic opportunity," Martinez (R-Fla.) said. "Her 17-year judicial record indicates that she will apply the law without bias."

Martinez, who is retiring from the Senate, directly rebutted his GOP colleagues in saying he believed Sotomayor was a "mainstream" judge who would "rule with restraint." And he dismissed the furor over Sotomayor's "wise Latina" remark, saying what matters is that the New York federal appeals judge's opinions, "not what she said to a group of students one day."

Sotomayor has been criticized by some Republicans for suggesting in speeches that a "wise Latina" would "reach a better conclusion" in some cases than a white male.

Martinez charged that some Republicans were using Sotomayor's speeches as "an excuse" not to vote for her confirmation. Her critics, he said, "have yet to produce objective evidence that she has allowed personal bias to influence her judicial decision-making."

Martinez's expression of support came on the second day of debate over Sotomayor's nomination. A vote could come as early as Thursday. Sotomayor is expected to be confirmed.

After Martinez spoke, veteran Sen. Christopher S. Bond (R-Mo.) took to the floor and announced that he would also vote for Sotomayor, saying that President Obama was entitled to appoint his choice of judges. He said a Republican president similarly had the prerogative to appoint conservatives to the court. "She has proven herself to be a well-qualified jurist," Bond said. "The country is tired of partisanship infecting every debate."

Bond's announcement means that at least seven Republican will vote to confirm Sotomayor.

Earlier, Sen. Richard M. Burr (R-N.C.) embraced what has been the more traveled Republican path on Sotomayor's nomination, saying that he did not believe Sotomayor would stick to "the letter of the law" and said he would not vote to confirm her.

At the start of the debate today, several female Democratic senators banded together on the Senate floor to ensure that the other history-making nature of Sotomayor's nomination would not go unnoticed.

While much attention has been paid to the fact that Sotomayor would be the first Latino on the high court, she would also be just the third woman to serve as a justice, noted Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.)

Klobuchar was joined on the floor by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), Debbie Stabenow (Mich.), Kristen Gillibrand (N.Y.) and Patty Murray (Wash.).


Not Another Jimmy!

We are now witnessing firsthand why Hillary was not selected as Vice President. The Clinton's have to much baggage, their self-centered, and love the limelight. Obama saw this as a threat and he was right. But the throwing of the bone to the Dem's has now bit him on the ass for selecting her as Secretary of State. Something he may not have wanted to do, but was forced upon him to solidify the Dem's as a "cohesive unit". Assuming that were possible.

Enter Bill Clinton. Desperately needing his limelight fix. He made an unannounced and highly unusual trip to North Korea to save two women journalist's (isn't one Jimmy Carter one to many) while the Obama administration was quick to point out he is not there on "official government business".

Now some may say he is there purely for humanitarian reasons. Clinton trying to find two women! ....Somehow pure and humanitarian is not the first thing that comes to mind.
Picture of Clinton with the girl he saved last week.
Rumor has it he paid $200 to save her

Whether these two women were actually on North Korean soil is of no concern to Kim Jung ill (The ill really suits him). They were going to be picked up anyway and used as a bargaining chip to get something. And who do they think they are going to bargain with? The mother of all suckers! The one and only Bill Clinton. The same Bill Clinton that gave them $500 million in 1999 to stop all research on a nuclear bomb. They used the money to build it! I wonder what their going to get this time? Maybe Clinton will sign them up for the Cash for Clunkers Program.

This is a win win for Clinton. If the women are released ( I hope they are) Clinton is back in the limelight and is viewed as a hero. This guy could fall in shit and come out smelling like a rose.

You may not believe anything I just said. But one thing is an undeniable truth. The powers that be in North Korea are liars. Always have been; always will. That said,.. they should get along with Clinton like two peas in a pod.