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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Man And A Pickup Truck

Hannity called it "divine intervention". Maybe that is so. The Obama Doctrine has taken a blistering Mike Tyson right cross (pun intended) to the jaw and is wobbling around like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I can tell you this. Ted Kennedy, the patron saint of liberalism, is suffering from a severe case of rug burn from spinning in his grave.
Folks... this is Massachusetts! The state where you are baptized Democrat. If this election was a sporting event it would tantamount to the Cubs winning the World Series.

From the depths of despair came a man and a pickup truck. The President tried to ridicule and disparage him. Yet the man stood tall believing knowledge and common sense would prevail. In spite of the President's remarks the man shouted:

Come follow me. I'll show you the way.

And they came in droves.

Scott's most applauded lines.

This is the people's seat. 

The independent voices of Massachusetts have spoken.
Tonight, the independent majority of Massachusetts has won.
I am ready to go without delay. 

I vowed, win or lose, we would run a race that would make us all proud.
It was all of us against the machine; but you are the machine.
This race began with just me, my truck and a few devoted volunteers. It ended with an Air Force 1 emergency run to Logan.

I didn't mind when the president criticized me, but when he started criticizing my truck, that was the limit. 

I spoke to President Obama and said, " Would you like me to drive my truck up to Washington so you can see it? "
This election has sent a message. When there's trouble in Massachusetts there's trouble everywhere and they know it.
Start over on health care. 
Tax dollars should be spent for weapons to stop terrorists not lawyers to defend them. 

Seems like the Obama administration should adopt the famous line in Cool Hand Luke.

"What we got here is a failure to communicate."


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