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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bank Robbers vs Illegal Aliens

Arizona is being invaded by illegals; not to mention the rest of the country. Our government suffers from some form of paralysis. They can't stop them at the border and can't deport them once their here. Oh, but they can support Sanctuary Cities. Illegals are used as a fashion accessory touted by Liberals who want illegals here in some warped sense of compassion. A newspaper reporter actually had the gall to compare the Arizona situation with what the Nazi's did to the Jews!

Unfortunately by the time they wake up it will be fundamentally to late. Our country simply cannot survive by allowing everyone and their brother to "put down roots" in a country where they don't belong.

The Democrats as usual took the double standard route. They came squirming out of the woodwork espousing the virtues of the Constitution as it relates to Arizona. Yet, they didn't give two-shits-in-the-wind about the Constitution when they passed the healthcare bill.

The common sense of my father's generation has all but evaporated. This is how you get rid of illegals if you really wanted to.

Click this:

The government's kindness and concern has worked out so well for illegals they thought they would extend it to bank robbers.

Can this scenario be far down the road?

Tyrone Johnson decides to rob a bank.

This would be the government's take on the situation.

No one saw this as a cry for help?

Was he depressed?

Did you make any threats against him?

Did anyone bother to think the hood was to tight and he might have difficulty breathing?

He might have pulled a muscle in his back stretching over the counter. Did anyone ask if his back was alright?

What about his wrist? That automatic looks awful heavy!

In these hard economic times did anyone at the bank have the decency to offer him a job?

Did anyone ask about his family situation; or even care?

Did someone offer to help carry the heavy bag of loot to the get-away car?

When is it illegal to be illegal?

What's wrong with you people!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I feel better already

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano: border secure as it's ever been

Napolitano protecting the border

Homeland Security Secretary this morning gave assurances that she's made tremendous progress on securing the border, telling the Senate Judicary Committee that it's "as secure now as it's ever been."

But when asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., if it's secure, Napolitano called it "an unfair question."

Graham shot back: "It is a fair question, and I'll give you my answer: I don't think it is. I think since the last effort to solve immigration the border situation has deteriorated."

Graham went on to say that it'll be "impossible" to do anything about comprehensive immigration reform until people on the border feel secure.

Translation: You can forget about immigration reform anytime soon, because nobody in Arizona is buying what Napolitano is selling.

It is estimated there are 460,000 illegals living in Arizona. Furthermore, Arizona has the second highest kidnapping rate in the world!

Knowing this, what should have been the first response from our government?

Unbelievably….. they came to the defense of illegals to make sure their rights are protected!

PS: I might have to change Grahamesty back to Graham.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doing What The Feds Failed To Do

We all know what "comprehensive immigration reform'' really means. Amnesty!!!

Finally the people of Arizona have wised up, and the governor has signed an immigration law, in an effort aimed at identifying, prosecuting, and deporting illegals. Why? Because the Federal government isn't doing anything about illegals; except protect them!

The president said he had instructed his administration "to closely monitor the situation'' in Arizona and "examine the civil rights and other implications'' of the Arizona legislation. It points to the need for federal legislation, the president said.

Maybe someone should tell the dumb ass if the Feds were doing there f------ job securing the border we wouldn't have this problem! Obama called the bill in Arizona a "misguided effort". Why is this kind of terminology used? Throw in "racial profiling" and my favorite "Sanctuary Cities". It seems illegals are like eggs. They have to be coddled and handled with care so we don't hurt their little feelings.

With the passage of Immigration bill SB1070 Friday in Arizona, it is now a crime under state law to be in the country illegally, and requires local law enforcement to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon's office said in a statement Saturday that "the Mexican government condemns the approval of the law" and "the criminalization of migration, far from contributing to collaboration and cooperation between Mexico and the state of Arizona, represents an obstacle to solving the shared problems of the border region."

Migration….??? He speaks as if were like the movement of caribou through the Tundra of northern Alaska. I mean…It's only natural not to respect our border or laws... right? Let me shed some light on your situation President Calderon. Since the drug cartels have taken over your country you should be the last one giving advice about law enforcement in this country!

And how about this little Mexican morsel.


We have adopted a posture in this country to serve and protect illegals first and foremost. The American citizen is but an afterthought.

We owe these people nothing but a one way ticket out of the country. As for Obama I can't wait until 2012 when he is issued his "one way ticket".

Next step for Arizona.

Get rid of McCain.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Maxine Waters....The Secret Is Out

Video From

Ed Kilbane
Senior National Correspondent

If you are an American this is a must see!

Check the look on the people surrounding her when she sticks her foot in the mud of Socialism and can't pull it out. She then manages to make it worse.

Obama snake oil...
Every Liberal needs a daily dose.

One final note. This is the same Maxine Waters who said what a fine job Franklin Raines was doing at Fannie Mae.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ever Wonder How Many Their Are?

It seems like there is no shortage of Muslims willing to blow themselves up. Have you ever wondered how many their are?

I went to Wikipedia and according to them the world Muslim population is 1.3 to 1.5 billion.


For my assumption, to be fair, I used 1.4 billion. Most attacks are by male Muslims between the ages of 17 and 40 although recently women are trying to get into the act.

So with that in mind lets say right off the top 99.5% or 1,393,000,000 Muslims are good.

Out of the remaining .5% lets say that .4% 5,600,000 are radicalized Muslims. They hate the "Big Satan" and the "Little Satan" but not to the degree they are willing to blow themselves up.

What we are left with is .1%. These are the radical Muslim extremists. The Mohammad Atta's of the world. Suicide bombers willing to blow themselves up anywhere, anyplace, anytime. A Staggering 1,400,000 million!

In comparison we have 1,106,633 active duty military personnel.
( )

I guess a case could be made only the Muslims living in the Middle East have an affinity for blowing themselves up. So chop off a very generous 80% and you are still left with 280,000!

For some inexplicable reason Gallup and Rasmussen are reluctant to interview suicide bombers so I have no concrete proof that I am right. These are assumptions, and just that, but they sound reasonable.

Out of the 280,000. How many live among us!!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Truly...truly unbelievable!

This you got to see and hear to believe!

Is he drunk, on drugs, or just plain stupid?

Congressman Hank Johnson (D) Georgia