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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bank Robbers vs Illegal Aliens

Arizona is being invaded by illegals; not to mention the rest of the country. Our government suffers from some form of paralysis. They can't stop them at the border and can't deport them once their here. Oh, but they can support Sanctuary Cities. Illegals are used as a fashion accessory touted by Liberals who want illegals here in some warped sense of compassion. A newspaper reporter actually had the gall to compare the Arizona situation with what the Nazi's did to the Jews!

Unfortunately by the time they wake up it will be fundamentally to late. Our country simply cannot survive by allowing everyone and their brother to "put down roots" in a country where they don't belong.

The Democrats as usual took the double standard route. They came squirming out of the woodwork espousing the virtues of the Constitution as it relates to Arizona. Yet, they didn't give two-shits-in-the-wind about the Constitution when they passed the healthcare bill.

The common sense of my father's generation has all but evaporated. This is how you get rid of illegals if you really wanted to.

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The government's kindness and concern has worked out so well for illegals they thought they would extend it to bank robbers.

Can this scenario be far down the road?

Tyrone Johnson decides to rob a bank.

This would be the government's take on the situation.

No one saw this as a cry for help?

Was he depressed?

Did you make any threats against him?

Did anyone bother to think the hood was to tight and he might have difficulty breathing?

He might have pulled a muscle in his back stretching over the counter. Did anyone ask if his back was alright?

What about his wrist? That automatic looks awful heavy!

In these hard economic times did anyone at the bank have the decency to offer him a job?

Did anyone ask about his family situation; or even care?

Did someone offer to help carry the heavy bag of loot to the get-away car?

When is it illegal to be illegal?

What's wrong with you people!


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