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Monday, August 30, 2010

Waiter.... to real estate mogul paid cash for GZ Mosque!

Lt. Columbo would have seen through this in the first few minutes. Then again he had a brain.

MYFOXNY.COM – by CHARLES LEAF: While Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf has dominated headlines about the proposed cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, developer Sharif el-Gamal, 37, is actually the central figure behind the project.

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If he has nothing to hide why can't he answer some simple straightforward questions? Why is it we have to have tolerance... but he can't "tolerate" a simple question?

Yet just a few years ago, el-Gamal was waiting tables in some fancy Manhattan restaurant.

 Had to get some big fu----- tips. Must be a line at that restaurant a mile long to put in an application!

Obama became the spokesperson for Islam and advocated building a mosque at GZ. He was to stupid to see the political fallout because he's completely out of touch with the pulse of America. Once it sunk in he wound up backpedalling on the Mosque.

Bloomberg came right out and said..."He doesn't care where the money comes from to build the mosque." The liberal elite in NY ask..."if it were a Christian church would you even be asking where the money was coming from to build it?"

They are absolutely right we wouldn't be asking that question. Why? Because Christians didn't  fly 767's into the twin towers....MUSLIMS DID!

To his credit Patterson tried to get the project moved to another location. But he quickly folded. 

Between these three fools, collectively, an eyebrow wasn't even lifted. Blindly they decided to embark on a journey to no-man's land. Between Rauf and el-Gamal they don't see enough here to raise suspicion? Patterson is the only one legally blind. Really...? So are the other two. You don't have to have eyes to know a train's coming.

Naturally, we wanted to talk to Sharif el-Gamal to learn more about the man and his plans, but apparently he didn't want to meet us. We made repeated requests for a sit down interview with him, left him multiple voice mail messages and he never returned any of our calls. We even went to his office and talked to colleagues, but we were turned away. He left us with no choice: We had to go find him.

El-Gamal is an American Muslim reportedly born to a Polish mother and an Egyptian father. He was raised in Brooklyn.

Today, el-Gamal's company, Soho Properties, owns the building where arguably the most controversial mosque in the world will be built. He bought the old Burlington Coat Factory building at 45 Park Place, two blocks from the World Trade Center site, for $4.8 million in cash in 2009.

We asked him where he got the money to put down on the property, but he stayed silent when we approached him.

Again how do you go from waiter to paying $4.8 million in cash?  

And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

His newfound notoriety was an extraordinary leap from his not-too-distant days as a waiter at Serafina, a trendy Upper East Side eatery, and at Michael's, an upscale celebrity-filled restaurant packed with a veritable who's who in media.

El-Gamal's former restaurant bosses and co-workers told Fox 5 that the young and opportunistic el-Gamal thrived on the buzz from bumping elbows with marquee names and relished the opportunity to schmooze the high dollar clientele.

"Customers would come in and ask for him, he had his regulars," said Cosmo Sammarone, a Serafina waiter.

El-Gamal left Serafina in 2002 and started selling real estate. But in just a year, he went from broker to business owner and launched his own real estate company, Soho Properties, in 2003. Records show he is the president and chief executive officer.

A long-time associate of his says el-Gamal isn't quite who he seems to be. The associate asked Fox 5 to protect his identity because he fears retribution.

"I was pretty much in shock when I saw him on the news as the developer," the associate said. "What I can say about Sharif is nothing good.

He said el-Gamal liked living in the fast lane, meeting celebrities in the restaurants were he worked, and partying with them at nightclubs.

"Very persuasive, master manipulator," he said of el-Gamal.

Today, el-Gamal's holdings included at least four buildings in Manhattan, including the site near Ground Zero, one in Chelsea, and two residential buildings in Washington Heights, where tenants seem to like him.

Records show el-Gamal bought the Washington Heights properties in 2007 for a little less than $3 million each.

Ken Brandman, president of N.Y. Commercial Real Estate Services, knows el-Gamal well. He, too, was a bit surprised to hear el-Gamal is the developer in the mosque near Ground Zero.

"I don't think he has a lot of money," Brandman said. "I'm sure he didn't buy it with his own money."

Soho Properties bought the site for the mosque for $4.8 million in cash. Just four months later, with Manhattan's real estate market collapsed, el-Gamal made an even bigger deal.

With credit super tight, and prices plummeting, he paid $45 million for a 12-story commercial building in Chelsea that sold three years earlier for $31 million.

"It seems like a lot of pay in a downturn, considering it went for considerably less during the boom," said Stuart Elliott, the editor of Real Deal magazine.

El-Gamal, the waiter turned mogul, plunked down another $5 million as down payment on the Chelsea building.

"Something's up with that deal," Ken Brandman said. "Unless someone gave him a lot of money, or he won the lottery, than somebody else put up the money."

Fox 5 News has learned that el-Gamal did have help from a man named Hisham Elzanaty. Mortgage documents show that Elzanaty is the guarantor on the $39 million loan el-Gamal's company secured to buy the building.
Who is  Hisham Elzanaty?

We repeatedly asked El-Gamal where he raised the money, where it was coming from, but he refused to answer our questions and run from us. He also did not answer the question of whether he would consider relocating the mosque

Sharif El-Gamal has a history of at least seven run-ins with the law, including a 1994 bust for patronizing a prostitute.

Years before his latest real-estate project ignited an uproar, Sharif El-Gamal racked up at least seven run-ins with the law, including a bust for patronizing a prostitute.

"I regret many things that I did in my youth. I have not always led a perfect life," El-Gamal, 37, said in a statement to the Daily News.

His most recent arrest was for a Sept. 10, 2005, assault on a barber who sublet a Manhattan apartment from El-Gamal's brother, Sammy.

The brothers and another man went to the apartment that afternoon to retrieve back rent from Mark Vassiliev, criminal and civil court records show.

El-Gamal allegedly cursed at Vassiliev, called him the Arabic curse word "sharmouta" and punched him in the face, breaking his nose and cheekbones.

When he was arrested, El-Gamal denied he socked Vassiliev, but conceded, "[Vassiliev's] face could have run into my hand," court papers say.

"I am in real estate. I'm rich. Why would I do this? Why would I jeopardize my career? I'm not a thug," he told cops.

He was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment. Charges were dropped in 2007 after Vassiliev sued.

El-Gamal eventually settled the civil case for $15,000 - and the 2008 negotiations provided a glimpse into his finances.

Vassiliev's lawyer, Erik L. Gray, said there was no indication El-Gamal had assets beyond a $1.1 million upper West Side pad he owned with his wife.

Even after El-Gamal inked the deal, he was slow to pay and the matter ended up in mediation - where his lawyer, Marshall Isaacs, told Gray there were money problems.

"He had told me [El-Gamal] was struggling financially and was having trouble coming up with the payment," Gray said. "It was based on the fact that he was in real estate and the real estate market was depressed."

El-Gamal agreed to fork over $1,360 in interest and fees but paid up in installments, Gray said.

If his 2008 cries of poverty were genuine, El-Gamal experienced a dramatic reversal of fortune a year later, scoring a $39 million mortgage to buy a W. 27th St. commercial building.

In a deposition for the Vassiliev suit, El-Gamal testified he worked as a waiter from 1997 to 2001 when he "moved onto greener pastures."

The son of a bank executive, El-Gamal has said he turned to Islam after 9/11 and that his religious awakening followed a troubled youth.

[he turned to Islam after 9/11 and that his religious awakening followed a troubled youth] 
How would you interpret this remark?....My country was attacked by Muslims so I decided to become a Muslim......Interesting??

Was that your reaction after 911?

He pleaded guilty in 1994, 1998 and 1999 to disorderly conduct in Manhattan.

He also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in 1990, DWI in 1992 and attempted petit larceny in 1993, Nassau County prosecutors said.

Details were unavailable, but a source confirmed a 1994 arrest for patronizing a prostitute.

El-Gamal says he's a different man now.

"My faith teaches me every day about humility. I have been humbled by my imperfections. But my faith also teaches me about forgiveness," he said in the statement.

"While I might not be proud of some of my actions in the past, I am extremely proud of the Park51 project and what it will mean to thousands of New Yorkers of all faiths and denominations who live in Lower Manhattan."

There's more

Canadian Muslim Claims Shady GZ Mosque Developer Sharif El Gamal Threatened Her

Does Obama and the "leaders" in NY know what is going on in this guy's head? Do they even care?

According to Raheel Raza, a founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who recently argued in an oped and on the O’Reilly Factor that the GZ mosque is “a deliberate provocation”.

Last week, Raza and a Canadian 9/11 widow attended a meeting about the mosque in New York City.

“They were very arrogant. They didn’t answer questions,” Raza told QMI Agency.

The meeting was hosted by Daisy Khan, the wife of the imam promoting the mosque and Sharif El Gamal, the man whose property firm owns the land the mosque is to be built on.

Raza says she asked questions about who was financing the building, estimated to cost $100 million, and whether any of the money would come from countries other than the U.S.

There has been speculation that the mosque is being funded through Saudi Arabian sources, but at the Manhattan meeting Raza said there were no answers.

On Monday, back in Toronto, Raza says she received a call from a man who identified himself as Sharif El Gamal. “His tone was intimidating,” said Raza. “He accused me of ‘jumping into’ the meeting he called and then said ‘May Allah protect you.’ I was shocked and hung up.”

Raza says El Gamal’s tone was threatening and she took the phone call as a clear threat against her and not as some claim, a casual phrase meaning goodbye.

“Why would I need Allah’s protection?” asked Raza.

El Gamal told the Niagara Falls Review on their second attempt at an interview that “there was no phone call made by anybody” before again hanging up.

Raza insists there was a call, “I saved the number on my cell.” The number on Raza’s cellphone matches that of El Gamal’s Soho Properties offices in New York.

If we don't wake up soon, we are going to "politically correct" ourselves right out of our own country!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture of the day

An email from my brother.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

An open letter to the morons in AZ

I can only attribute your behavior in voting for McCain has some sort of chronic brain disorder. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The state of Arizona is inundated with illegals,  progressively becoming worse each year, and yet you vote for the very guy... who is one of the prime reasons for the a 5th term in the United States Senate!

Republican in name only

On Dec. 15, 2000, McCain issued the following press release: “I support the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act (LIFA). Negotiations between the White House and the leadership, which endorsed more limited immigration reform, have resulted in a compromise.... this bill makes meaningful but insufficient progress on amnesty for those wrongly denied it.”

In a May 29, 2003 interview, McCain said: “Amnesty has to be an important part because there are people who have lived in this country for 20, 30 or 40 years, who have raised children here and pay taxes here and are not citizens.”

In May 2006, McCain, along with several other Senators, voted to make those who have no respect for our laws, eligible for Social Security.

McCain wrote the Shamnesty bill (a.k.a. Comprehensive Immigration Reform) in 2007 with his liberal pal Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Didn't it seem just a little bit odd he suddenly became concerned about defending the border?
"Put up the dang fence" was what the newly minted Minuteman cried out. The part you didn't here... and seemed to go over your head was...I have to get re-elected. You see, he saw which way the "wind" was blowing. You were to dumb to look.

John McCain should be the most influential man in the state of AZ. He is supposed to be "looking out" for you.

This is how he looks out for you? With a warning sign...Beware of illegals you might get hurt! Put up by the Messiah! This is what you call standing up for the citizens of AZ? I guess you must enjoy running around with your tail between your legs. SB1070 was an effort to get rid of them, yet you vote for the guy who wanted to grant them amnesty. Self defeating don't you think?

Speaking of SB1070 my friends and I sent in donations to help you fight the "entity" in the White House. We extended a helping hand and what do you do? Spit in our face.

In the upper right hand corner of this blog I posted this.

In the next 3 days it will be removed. We don't advocate giving money to dumb-asses.

  Sheriff Joe Arpaio among others have a bounty on their head issued by Mexican drug cartels. Ask them if they voted for McCain.

They say no one really knows where Obama stands on religion. Maybe he is a Christian. Because I'm  damn sure he uttered, "Thank God" when he found out you idiots voted for McCain.

Separated at birth


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AZ don't get duped again

Today is the primary. The one on the left is dead. The one on the right, soon to be. So today it's time to take care of the "muchacho" in the middle.

He co-sponsored the Shamnesty bill and voted to give illegals SS benefits. His liberal policies on illegal aliens is in large part why you're in the situation your in today. Don't get suckered again! He went from... "give them amnesty" a Minuteman over night! Can you see a parallel here? All of a sudden he has become a staunch defender of the border... coincidentally it just happens to be around the same time the primary is coming up.

 McCain has been described many times as a Maverick; an unbranded calf that is separated from its mother. He will be returning to his "mother" the Democratic party if he is reelected.

Is Hayworth the greatest thing since sliced bread? Maybe not. The greatest problem AZ faces is the invasion of illegals. At least you know where he truly stands on that issue.

Solve your problem
Vote McCain out

Now is your chance. Don't let it pass you by.


Monday, August 23, 2010

We Remember

Is that what it's come to....a bumper sticker faded by the sun?

Please watch this video. It's only 2 minutes long.

Now watch this video.
Straight from the horse's mouth.

This guy sound like a trustworthy, respectable, Muslim to you?

The handwriting is on the wall. All you have to do is read it.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally one brave Muslim steps up to the plate

This just in and I'm happy about it. A Muslim I'm proud of. I can only hope their are more like her in the Muslim community.  Your silence is your enemy.... not you friend.

Thank you Raheel


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Listen...You owe it to yourself

Sent in by

Ed Kilbane
Senior National Correspondent


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Listen America...whose opinion is more respected on GZ then this guy?

 Two mayors. Who to follow:

 Rudy... who led New York and the rest of America through choking dust, tons of  debris, and the murder of almost 3,000 people on 911? 

Or Bloomberg, a billionaire liberal elite who has the the backbone of a chocolate eclair!

Giuliani: Ground Zero Mosque a "Desecration"

Via Politico's Maggie Haberman, here's Rudy Giuliani on the Ground Zero Mosque:

"It sends a particularly bad message, particularly (because) of the background of the Imam who is supporting this. This is an Imam who has supported radical causes, who has not been forthright in condemning Islamic (terrorism) and the worst instincts that that brings about."

"So it not only is exactly the wrong place, right at Ground Zero, but it's a mosque supported by an Imam who has a record of support for causes that were sympathetic with terrorism. Come on! We're gonna allow that at Ground Zero?"

"This is a desecration," he added. "Nobody would allow something like that at Pearl Harbor. Let's have some respect for who died there and why they died there. Let's not put this off on some kind of politically correct theory."

"I mean, they died there because of Islamic extremist terrorism. They are our enemy, we can say that, the world will not end when we say that. And the reality is it will not and should not insult any decent Muslim because decent Muslims should be as opposed to Islamic extremism as you and I are."

New Yorker's...if your not pissed off your not paying attention!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Messiah

You be the judge.

This is what he initially said:

"As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country," Obama said, weighing in for the first time on a controversy that has riven New York City and the nation.

"That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances," he said. "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable."

I guess you can't be more direct and straightforward then that.

 It's gratifying to know Obama's compassion and support for the ground zero mosque is shared by Hamas. 

But Wait...

Then he changed it to this:

"I was not commenting, and I will not comment, on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there," Obama said in revising and extending and eviscerating his remarks of the previous night. He had merely been commenting on freedom of religion.

In the article below the White House is trying to convince you Obama is not "backing off" his original statement. You see, his first statement was actually about how good the shrimp tacos are in lower Manhattan.

White House Says Politics Not a Factor in Decision to Enter Mosque Debate

The White House claimed Monday that politics were not at play in President Obama's decision to dive into the controversy over a planned mosque near Ground Zero, but the issue was quickly feeding fuel to Republicans looking to corner Democrats into taking a position on the issue.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said that he "can't speak to the politics of what the Republicans are doing," but the president was not looking to make political hay with his remarks, which he reportedly considered carefully before delivering them at a White House dinner on Friday night.

"The president didn't do this because of the politics. He spoke about it because he feels he has an obligation as the president to address this," Burton said.

The president stepped into the fray when he appeared to endorse the Park 51 mosque project during a Ramadan dinner at the White House. The next day, he clarified that he was merely commenting on fundamental religious freedoms -- and not specifically on the "wisdom" of the mosque project. Then Burton said Obama was not "backing off" his original remarks.

The prolonged presidential explanation has effectively elevated the issue beyond a local dispute and hurled it into the political arena. Republicans have both criticized his position and pressured other Democrats to take a stand on the politically sticky issue, one where charges of insensitivity have flown on both sides.

Democrats were mostly able to avoid the debate until the president spoke up.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Monday targeted Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., for not speaking out on the issue. Citing an article that said the normally chatty Schumer would not comment on the mosque remarks, the NRSC said Schumer should weigh in.

"It's a remarkable commentary on the most camera-friendly senator that he’s more than happy to weigh-in on caffeinated malt beverages, but he won’t take a public position on the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero," NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said in a written statement.

"It's time for Chuck Schumer to stand up and be counted -- does he stand with President Obama in support of this mosque or does he stand with the countless 9/11 families who believe its location is inappropriate?" Walsh asked.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who opposes the mosque project, said Monday that the White House softened Obama's original comments because it probably heard "pushback" from other Democrats. He said Obama was "clearly" taking a side on the issue no matter what he claims.

"Everyone says as far as I know that the Muslim community has the right to build a mosque. The whole question is whether they should or not," he told Fox News. "So for the president to raise it in the way he did on Friday was clearly giving the impression that he was endorsing it or supporting it -- or tacitly supporting it."

Most Americans think the group planning the mosque and Islamic cultural center has the right to build it, according to a Fox News poll released Friday. However, the poll showed that 64 percent think it would be wrong to build it, regardless of whether the developers are within their right to do so.

Supporters of the mosque and cultural center in lower Manhattan, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, say its development should stand as a testament to religious tolerance in America. They say it would be a mistake to equate Islam as a whole, and its practice in the United States, with Al Qaeda -- and remind critics that Muslims were also killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Burton said Monday that the president weighed in as part of a constitutional discussion.

"The president thinks that it's his obligation to speak out when ... issues of the Constitution arise. And so, in this case, he decided to state clearly how he feels about making sure that people are treated equally, that there is a fairness and that our bedrock principles are upheld," Burton said.

He added the administration can't control the conversation on cable TV or in newspapers, but the White House has had a "pretty fulsome conversation" about it and has addressed it to a "pretty full extent."

"I think that it's a debate that was had and we've weighed in," Burton said.


Monday, August 16, 2010

There's a reason they want to build it at ground zero

And we all know what it is.

A triumph for Islam

A monument to victory

Offer Rejected to Move Mosque Away From Ground Zero to 'State Property'

Why...see above

The developers of the so-called Ground Zero mosque rejected New York Gov. David Paterson's offer to provide state property if the project is moved farther away from where the twin towers once stood.

In an effort to appease disputing parties, Paterson had said Tuesday that he would provide state help to the group sponsoring the Cordoba House if the developers opt to move it elsewhere.

"Frankly, if the sponsors were looking for property anywhere at a distance that would be such that it would accommodate a better feeling among the people who are frustrated, I would look into trying to provide them with the state property they would need," Paterson said.

While Paterson has "no objection" to the mosque being built a few blocks away from Ground Zero, he said he's "very sensitive to the desire of those who are adamant against it to see something else worked out."

But Paterson said Wednesday that the developers told his office they weren't interested in moving.

"I think they would like to stay where they are, and I certainly respect that and I certainly respect them," Paterson said. "Having said that, how much more foresighted would it have been if the imam who is the developer of the project had been willing to hear what we are actually talking about?"

The building of the $100 million Islamic center and mosque has led to a firestorm of criticism over its proposed location – just a few blocks away from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by Islamic terrorists that left nearly 3,000 dead.

A handful of Republicans, like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have blasted the project's location, while others, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have forcefully defended it as a symbol of America's religious tolerance.

Religious leaders from various denominations also have supported the group's plans, arguing that critics' attacks amount to "religious bigotry."

"It's simply wrong for Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, public figures who frequently reference their Christian values, to malign all Muslims by comparing this cultural center and mosque with a radical ideology that led to the horrific attacks of 9-11," said Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK, a national lobbying group that advocates Catholic social justice. "We fail to honor those killed by terrorists when we betray the bedrock principle of religious freedom that has guided our democracy for centuries."

On Wednesday, the group leading the opposition against the mosque's planned location called the governor's "willingness to engage this issue" a "positive development."

"We're pleased that he realizes the sensitive nature of this issue," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, adding that he supports "having other land available to the mosque" but wouldn't want taxpayers to subsidize it.

The American Center for Law and Justice is fighting the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee over the mosque plans -- the group filed suit against the committee after it declined to grant landmark status to the proposed site. The tower could span up to 15 stories and will house a mosque, a 500-seat auditorium and a pool.

The group also is calling on the State Department to back off plans to sponsor the imam of that controversial mosque on an upcoming trip to the Middle East.

The department confirmed Tuesday that the administration is sponsoring Feisal Abdul Rauf's trip to Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, which is described as part of a program to send Muslims abroad to educate other countries about the role of religion in the United States. Rauf made similar trips during the Bush administration. 

We're picking up the tab for this?

Rauf has become a controversial figure because of his refusal to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization, which is how the U.S. government classifies the group.

This is what kills me. The goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel. Their motto...Death to the Jews! I know Bloomberg, a Jew, is not dumb. Then again, the saying...he's got more money then brains... certainly applies to him. 

The State Department, meanwhile, has defended Rauf and his planned visit to the Middle East.

"He is a distinguished Muslim cleric," said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley. "We do have a program whereby, through our Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau here at the State Department, we send people from Muslim communities here in this country around the world to help people overseas understand our society and the role of religion within our society."


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And you wonder why there was Auschwitz?

Lambs being led to slaughter

If the morons above were in Afghanistan their heads would be cut off so the Taliban could go bowling.

By the way have you ever seen Muslims gathered in a "Kum bay ya" moment singing to Christians?

Instead you get this

Bloomberg has stated he doesn't care where the money comes from to build the mosque

How quickly they forgive and forget.

Let me pose a question. Remember this guy, the Time Square bomber? 

 Faisal Shahzad

He tried to set off a bomb in a SUV; what must seem like (to them) eons ago (5-01-10) Fortunately the bomb didn't go off but what if it had? 
Say 186 men, women, and children were killed. Would we be so understanding and "tolerant" now?

Let me give you another example.

This guy.

Yaser Abdel Said

killed these 2

His own daughters! He shot them. Why? It was an honor killing. Their crime. They dated Hispanic infidels. Tolerance in action. He killed his own daughters because they dated outside of Islam, but his wife (their mother) is an infidel!

Isolated instance you say? It takes place 5000 times a year somewhere in the world!

 But we have to be tolerant. You know, like Muslims are with cartoons and teddy bears.

This is the guy who wants to build the mosque

Feisal Abdul Raul

"The United States' policies were an accessory to the crime that happened, because we have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. In fact, in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA"

Hell I feel better already.

You show me 5,000 (Moderate-normal... if they exist) Muslims marching down Madison Ave with signs denouncing Bin Laden, and radical Islam, and I'll show you a mosque.

When you think about a mosque to be built as a monument to Islam, and the first brick hasn't been laid on the Freedom Tower to honor our dead, shows you where their liberal priorities lie. Where is the same "zeal" to build the Freedom Tower?

Bloomberg and rest of the liberal "elite" in NY are more concerned about the mosque then the Freedom Tower. A combination of political correctness and fear run amok.

On a side note, according to O'Reilly no construction crew in NY will build that mosque. Lets hope he's right.

Ground zero mosque

No build it THERE

This lady knows what I'm talking about.

You sing it sister!