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Friday, November 12, 2010

Assimilation or Colonization

Merkle the Chancellor of Germany has seen the light.

When will the rest of the world learn?


Muslim protesters during a British Armistice Day celebration. (Phot: The Scottish Sun)
While America celebrates Veterans Day on Thursday, Britons across the pond are wrapping up a similar celebration called Armistice Day. Both honor the brave men and women fighting (and who have fought) in the armed services. That didn't matter to a group of Muslim protesters on Thursday, however, who interrupted services in London with chants of "British soldiers burn in hell" and banners saying "Islam will dominate" and "Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell."

The group of about 30 people, according to the Scottish Sun, is called Muslims Against Crusades. And while they screamed their hate, they were met by 50 counter protesters from the English Defence League:

"I'm disgusted," one mother whose son was killed in Afghanistan told the Sun.

"There are people like myself that at 11am today were remembering the lives of our children, and then there are some people doing something so hurtful as that. I think it's atrocious."

"We're talking about individuals who have died for their country," she added.
Future suicide bombers preaching the basic principle of Islam. The solution to everything... death.

Muslim protesters hold a sign during a British Armistice Day celebration. (Photo: The Scottish Sun)
The Sun reports that three members of the Muslim protest group were arrested — two for alleged public order offences and one over claims he assaulted a police officer — while one intervening officer was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

"My son went to Iraq with the Marines fighting for Muslims to get rid of a tyrant so they could have some freedom," said a father whose son was also killed.


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