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Thursday, February 10, 2011

King chides Napolitano for belated embrace of the term "terrorist"

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said "terrorist" and "terrorism" more than 60 times in her opening statement Wednesday before the House Homeland Security Committee. At least that was the count of committee chairman, Rep. Peter King of New York. He pointed out that she, rarely if ever, used the words last year and asked if the administration had backed away from the phrase "war on terror." 

Napolitano said her use of the word evolved from working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies and had nothing to do with any policy changes. (Just exactly what does that mean…they had to explain to her what a terrorist was?) Later, Rep. Paul Broun, Republican of Georgia, criticized the administration for working to eliminate the words "jihadist" and "Islamic extremist" in reference to terrorist acts. Broun said that political correctness has led to more grandmothers and children being patted down at airports than potential terrorists. "I have yet to see a grandma with chemicals in her bloomers," he said.


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