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Monday, March 26, 2012

The curious life of POTUS and FLOTUS

 In the White House not very long ago Barry and Michelle were getting ready for bed. Michelle donned a flowing white night gown while Barry put on his favorite blue pajamas; the one's with the small circular logos dotted all over them.

  the issue of voter photo ID exploded Barry was tired and looked forward to a good night's sleep.  No sooner had they slipped into bed and Michelle's concerns about  family implications prompted this, "What are we going to do about your aunt and uncle?"

"Which ones?" He replied?

"Silly....Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Onyango." 

"Don't fret my dear. Remember who you married?"

"You do remember Uncle Onyango was arrested for drunk driving and almost hit a police car? Now that the Republicans are making voter ID an issue, what if the press brings this to the forefront?

"The press...your joking right?" he said.

Leaning over him she put her hand lightly on his shoulder. "OK,  but what about FOX? They're not in lockstep.
 Sooner or later the average Joe Blow on the street is going to realize what's really going on."  She hesitated a moment then added, "They're not that dumb."  She said it like it was more of a question, then a statement of fact.

 Not bothering to lift his head from the pillow ... "All I have to do is step up to the podium break out my trademark shit-eatin' grin... 
they'll swoon all over me."

 Reality set in, yet she couldn't help but say with a touch of agitation. "Will they be deported now, who's going to support them?" 

 "What do you think taxpayers are for? I've got em' on Section 8 housing  receiving a welfare checks every healthcare too."

A smile came over her face as Barry raised his head a little then added.
 "You know Michelle... (trying to suppress a laugh)...
I got everybody payin' their fair share!" 

They shared a laugh together, Michelle scootched up and kissed Barry on the cheek before turning over settling her head in the pillow. Barry pulled the sheet up to his shoulder, and fluffed the pillow a couple of times, nestling his head in it, before going fast to sleep.

OK, this is old news and it's a fictional tale; but Obama's aunt and uncle are not.  A new issue concerning photo ID has risen in an attempt to prevent voter fraud. Now that  Obama's aunt and uncle got their shot at immunity, what about the 12 million "undocumented Democrats" residing in this country?

Barry's aunt and uncle
check it out:

  Think for a moment. This is the guy we trust to secure our border, to preserve the integrity of our voting process by requiring photo ID, and pay down the national debt?
 The same guy who had the audacity to preach the Gospel according to Obama... He that haveth shall bestow upon the multitudes thy fair share for it is right and just.

 The end result is this. His aunt and uncle living here illegally should have been deported. Using his influence he put a stop to it. Then to add insult to injury POTUS and FLOTUS who are worth millions do the unthinkable. Instead of setting an example by supporting their own family (as in the gospel of my fair share) he puts them on the government dole!

Isn't it bad enough they're here illegally and now we have to pay to support his familyAs an American, regardless of your political affiliation, don't you feel your being played for a sucker?

Who stands up for us? 

All politicians both Democrats and Republicans are hypocrits and liars. But when it comes to Obama he is the GOLD STANDARD by which all others are judged. Through some genetic mix up gone horribly wrong he became POTUS when his true calling in life was a used car salesman.

Before you do this: 

Think about it:

Hope And Change

When you're through changing, you're through.



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