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Monday, May 28, 2012

No words are fitting...

This Memorial Day I received some very moving photos from fellow Vets.

None more so then this one.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Shirt

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

Get yours today call  1-800-Bar-Obama!



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama: 'I'm Not an Over-Spender'

I am sometimes astounded either how stupid this man is or how stupid he believes we all are. 

At a fundraiser for his re-election campaign in Denver last night, Barry set out to upend conventional Republican wisdom that his administration has been defined by excessive government spending.

"I'm running to pay down our debt in a way that's balanced and responsible. After inheriting a $1 trillion deficit, I signed $2 trillion of spending cuts into law," he told a crowd of donors at the Hyatt Regency. "My opponent won't admit it, but it's starting to appear in places, like real liberal outlets, like the Wall Street Journal: Since I've been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years. Think about that."

You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

Click post title if it won't play

What's Carney going to say now? It was taken out of context?

When he took over, the debt "he inherited" as he likes to say, was $10.6 trillion. Bush doubled the debt in his 8 years as president. Nothing to brag about.

Now Barry comes along and states he will cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Which means, as we approach November the deficit should be around $5.3 trillion. Lets say Barry missed his target but got it down to 6.3 even 7.3 trillion. I would be satisfied with that.  As usual Barry likes to say what people want to hear. The difference being it's all idle talk. Not only has he not cut the deficit in half, he did the opposite. He increased by 50%!!!!

As I write this the deficit is a whopping $15.7 trillion. Barry's gonna have a lot of work to do between now and November.

Think about it. Can you really spend your way out of being broke?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shameless Bias by Omission

On a tip from Ed Kilbane.

Brent Bozell

You'd think the largest legal action in American history in defense of religious liberty would be a major news story. But ABC, CBS and NBC don't judge news events by their inherent importance as relates to the future of our freedoms. They deliver the news according to a simple formula: Does it or doesn't it advance the re-election of Barack Obama?

If it doesn't, it isn't news.

On May 21, 43 Catholic dioceses and organizations sued the Obama administration over its ridiculously narrow idea of how a "religious institution" can be defined under the Obamacare law. Never has the Catholic Church — or any order, for that matter — undertaken something of this magnitude. It's truly jaw-dropping that ABC and NBC completely ignored this action on their evening newscasts, while "CBS Evening News" devoted just 19 seconds to this historic event.

No, let's be blunt: They spiked the news.

This is the worst example of shameless bias by omission I have seen in the quarter-century history of the Media Research Center. We recall the Chinese Communists withholding from its citizenry for 20 years the news that the U.S. had landed on the moon because it reflected poorly on their government. Never, never would the U.S. "news" media behave thusly — they just did.

This is not an honest mistake. It was not an editorial oversight by the broadcast networks. It did not occur too late for the evening deadline. This was a deliberate and insidious withholding of national news to protect the "Chosen One" who ABC, CBS and NBC have worked so hard to elect and for whom they are now abusing their journalistic influence. Even when CBS mentioned the suit — ever so briefly — like so many others, they deliberately distorted the issue by framing it as a contraception lawsuit when it is a much broader religious freedom issue — and they know it.

This should be seen as a very dark cloud on Obama's political horizon. The Catholic Church, with 60 million Americans describing themselves as Catholic, has unleashed legal Armageddon on the administration, promising "we will not comply" with a health law that strips Catholics of their religious liberty. If this isn't "news," then there's no such thing as news.

This should be leading newscasts and the subject of special, in-depth reports. So what trumped this story? ABC led their evening broadcast and devoted an incredible 3 minutes and 30 seconds to the sentencing of the Rutgers student who spied on his gay roommate with a web camera.

NBC aired an entire story on a lunar eclipse. Both CBS and NBC devoted their first 3 minutes and 30 seconds to prostate-cancer screening.

Catholic taxpayers who help fund National Public Radio were also ignored on the evening newscast with that sad joke of a title — "All Things Considered."

If only some deceased priest had been accused of sexual improprieties in 1953 ... then Catholics would be seen as newsworthy. These "news" operations can't argue these are more important stories than the loss of religious freedom in America.

The print press isn't much better. For the Washington Post, there was a little one-column story buried on page A6. That fish wrap known as USA Today had a really tiny headline and 128-word item at the very bottom of A2. The New York Times had a perfunctory 419-word dispatch on page A17.

Two pages later, the Times defined as "news" what it prefers to report on Catholics: "2 Philadelphia Priests Punished in Sexual Abuse Cases." The paper noted one priest has been suspended from ministry for two years and the other had been placed on leave in December based on abuse that occurred about 40 years ago. This wasn't really "news" as a current matter, but this is always and everywhere the bigoted narrative the Times prefers to perpetuate.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops used the word "horror" to describe what Team Obama is mandating. On the only broadcast show to give him coverage, CBS "This Morning" anchor Charlie Rose asked Dolan if the White House misled him on this issue. Dolan began by saying he hesitated to question the president's sincerity — even though anyone who heard Obama's 2009 commencement speech at Notre Dame about "honoring the conscience" of his opponents on abortion has proven he is completely insincere.

The cardinal said, "I worry, Charlie, that members of his administration might not particularly understand our horror at the restrictive nature of this exemption that they're giving us, that for the first time that we can remember, a bureau of the federal government seems to be radically intruding into the internal definition of what a church is. We can't seem to get that across."

He's not finding much help getting anything across from those supposed "mediators" of the national press corps.


The phone call

Before the phone call.

After the phone call from Team Barry.

He wants Romney to be "completely honest".

Just like Corey Booker.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elizabeth Warren... Indian Love Call


The 'jealous' First Lady

Michelle Obama orders women close to her husband to be watched in case he cheats on her like John F Kennedy did to his wife, a new book claims.

The First Lady is supposedly 'unusually jealous' and has so little trust in Barack Obama that she turns up unannounced during the day to see what he is doing.

She also objected to her husband's close relationship to U.S. chat show queen Oprah Winfrey - and shunned her because she 'hates fat people'.

Really? I don't see much difference myself.

Keeping up appearances: Because Oprah's say means a significant amount of votes, the Obamas put aside their growing frustrations and appeared on one of the host's final shows

The explosive claims are likely to feed the image of Mrs Obama as an 'angry black woman', a label she herself dismissed earlier this year.

They could also reopen questions about the Obama's marriage of 20 years as in the past they reportedly rowed a lot and came close to splitting up.

In 'The Amateur', American author Edward Klein's book about Mr Obama's first term, he claims that Mrs Obama's 'obsessive' behaviour is the talk of the White House.

Portions of the book that were released to The New York Post tells of quotes from a source close to Miss Winfrey as saying: 'Michelle is very jealous, I would say unusually so.

'Most people after years of marriage have trust and don't follow their husbands around and check on them.

'Michelle doesn't seem to trust Barack at all. She insists on knowing his every movement and drops in on him at all kinds of odd times.

Warring women: Though publicly close, inside sources report that Michelle feels threatened by Oprah, and has tried to distance herself and her husband from the former Queen of Daytime

Sidelined: Oprah campaigned with Mr Obama during the 2008 election and he is hoping she will do the same this year

'Michelle makes it clear to her inner circle...that she wants women around Barack watched and wants info about who he has an eye for and gets touchy with.

'The thing is, she knows, like everybody, about JFK's shenanigans, and she thinks, hey, JFK was young and good looking like my guy.'

By the time he was assassinated in 1963 Mr Kennedy had become as famous for his extra marital liaisons as he was for being President.

In her memoir former White House intern Mimi Alford recalled how Mr Kennedy eyed her up in the White House pool then had sex with her in the bedroom he shared with his wife.

Mr Kennedy also supposedly had sex with Marlene Dietrich in the Oval office and famously romanced Marilyn Monroe - amongst many others.

In 'The Amateur' Mr Klein claims that relations between Miss Winfrey and Mrs Obama took a nosedive over the chat show host's close relationship with Mr Obama.

Portrait: The new book was written by Edward Klein, the former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine

The book claims that in the weeks after the 2008 U.S. election victory Mr Obama gave Miss Winfrey's advice 'priority over Michelle's'

Mr Klein writes: 'When she (Winfrey) phoned, he dropped everything and took her call. They huddled over strategy. Of all of Obama's unofficial White House advisers, Oprah had unparalleled access, input, influence, and power.'

Mr Klein quotes a White House insider who says that Mrs Obama was 'furious' about her husband's late night phone calls to Miss Winfrey and that he should be turning to her for advice instead.

Another sticking point was that Mrs Obama thought that Miss Winfrey had urged Hillary Clinton to run in the election against her husband.

When she grew sick of being rejected, specifically in her offer to help with Mrs Obama's campaign against obesity, Miss Winfrey is supposed to have screamed out to a friend: 'Michelle hates fat people and doesn't want me waddling around the White House!'

In extracts already made public Mr Klein's book also claims that former U.S. President Bill Clinton once branded Mr Obama 'an amateur' and too incompetent to hold office.

Mr Clinton has strongly denied the claims.

Nobody from the White House was available for comment.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Here we go again

Check out this story on Breitbart.

Say it was proven beyond a shadow of doubt Obama was born in Kenya and is fraud. What happens to him and all the legislation passed under him?

It would seem unrealistic to believe this promotional booklet was not read and or approved by Obama. If this was done in error why didn't he correct it? If the facts were wrong is there a corrected copy of this booklet?


Miraculously in 2007 they noticed the "error" after only 16 years!

Getting rid of Anthony Weiner was peanuts compared to this.
I've had my hopes shot down before but if this report bears fruit and Obama is a fraud Breitbart News will have scooped the biggest blockbuster story of the 20th century.

The MSM is busy casting doubt on the report as "just more birther nonsense"

You ever wonder why it took the National Enquirer to break the Edwards story?

Now you know.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Political Quiz

On a tip from my brother Gary

This is a terrific and incredibly easy test. And it shows results in a number of ways. It clearly indicates that the majority of Americans don't have a clue about what's going on in the world. No wonder our politicians take such advantage of us. It's astonishing that so many people got less than half right. These results say that 80% of the (voting) public doesn't have a clue, and that's pretty scary.

There are no tricks here - just a simple test to see if you are current on your information. This is quite good and the results are shocking..

I believe it was Winston Churchill who opined that " . . . the biggest argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter . . ."

Test your knowledge with 13 questions, then be ready to shudder when you see how others did!

Quite frankly... I don't see how you can get any wrong.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evolving POTUS style

They don't call him "Bath House Barry" for nothing. 

Not this Time

But this.
The real deal.


Today, Newsweekmagazine released this week’s cover viaTwitter: a hopey, changey Barack Obama staring into the future, his head swirled with a rainbow halo. The bold font title: “THE FIRST GAY PRESIDENT.” And the cover story is written by none other than Andrew Sullivan, famed Trig Palin truther (he believes that Trig Palin is actually Bristol Palin’s son rather than Sarah Palin’s). The last time we saw Sullivan writing a cover story forNewsweek, he was asking “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?

It’s beyond parody. Sullivan, who is gay, is the most ardent backer of President Obama imaginable; he largely switched parties because of the gay marriage issue. Sullivan is a personal favorite blogger of the White House. Now, he’s portraying Obama as a religious figure, bathed in the glow of the same-sex marriage agenda. This despite the fact that Obama was forced into his embrace of same-sex marriage by Joe Biden; despite the fact that the Democrat Party will not put same-sex marriage in its national platform; despite the fact that Obama still has not signed an executive order on nondiscrimination. Obama himself wants same-sex marriage to be a states’ rights issue, supposedly. There have been zero policy implications from Obama’s statement, yet he is being feted as the Abraham Lincoln of gay rights. In truth, Obama’s same-sex marriage embrace was a cynical ploy to separate himself from Mitt Romney while doing nothing about the issue, all in order to raise money from his most leftist supporters.

The Newsweek cover is obviously a take-off on the old line about Bill Clinton being the “first black president,” but it’s also an unintended backhanded in-kind contribution to the Romney campaign. In the liberal press’ desperate gushing over Obama’s same-sex marriage stance, they’ve alienated more than half the country – every state that has ever held a referendum on same-sex marriage has voted it down. The most polarizing president in history by every measurable statistic has polarized the country yet again – yet Newsweek insists on portraying Obama as a holy figure for embracing an anti-Biblical position, thereby also alienating every religious person in the country.

The cover is deeply arrogant, of course. We have no idea what a full-scale embrace of same-sex marriage would mean for society; portraying Obama as a halo-ridden angel for overturning thousands of years of marital precedent is simply absurd. It’s a radical change, by definition, with Obama and his allies tampering with the very fabric of our society – but by Newsweek’s lights, it’s obviously a net plus. Obama thinks so too, which is why he termed his embrace of same-sex marriage an “evolution,” suggesting that his opponents were unevolved.

No wonder Tina Brown’s Newsweek has become a punch line. Its political coverage is a joke.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who would have guessed

Since the chosen one, who waffled on same sex marriage has finally came out in support of it, some in the media said he would lose the backing from the Black and Hispanic community.

I knew that was BS the minute I heard it. Barry could shoot a video of
 himself murdering someone (preferably Biden) in the West Wing of the WH, post it on YouTube, and still carry 92% of the Black vote.

Likewise, to a large percentage of Blacks, not all, it made no difference if OJ was guilty or not.  The only thing that mattered was the color of his skin. Now I call that racism. Or my comment may be construed as racism. I prefer to call it fact.

Just to avoid any confusion, if I had my druthers and could snap my fingers and make someone else president right now, this guy would be president...

And it would happen before you could blink and eye.

Case in point below. 

Many blacks shrug off Obama's new view on gays -

Dorsey Jackson cuts Be-Emnet Zegeye's hair at his establishment Jackson's Barbershop, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Ardmore, Pa. Like many black Americans, Dorsey Jackson does not believe in gay marriage, but he wasn't disillusioned when Barack Obama became the first president to support it. The windows of his suburban Philadelphia barbershop still display an "Obama 2012” placard and another that reads "We've Got His Back."

ARDMORE, Pa.—Like many black Americans, Dorsey Jackson does not believe in gay marriage, but he wasn't disillusioned when Barack Obama became the first president to support it. The windows of his suburban Philadelphia barbershop still display an "Obama 2012" placard and another that reads "We've Got His Back."

If Obama needs to endorse same-sex marriage to be re-elected, said Jackson, so be it: "Look, man -- by any means necessary."

With that phrase popularized by the black radical Malcolm X, Jackson rebutted those who say Obama's new stand will weaken the massive black support he needs to win re-election in November. Black voters and especially black churches have long opposed gay marriage. But the 40-year-old barber and other African-Americans interviewed in politically key states say their support for Obama remains unshaken.

Some questioned whether he really believes what he says about gay marriage or merely took that stand to help defeat Republican Mitt Romney -- suggesting African-Americans view the first black president less as an icon than as a straight-up politician who still feels like family.

"Obama is human," said Leon Givens of Charlotte, N.C. "I don't have him on a pedestal."

On Tuesday, Givens voted in favor of banning gay marriage in North Carolina. Many black precincts voted 2-1 for the ballot measure, which passed easily.

The next day, Givens heard Obama tell the nation in a TV interview: "I think same-sex couples should be able to get married."

But this fall, Givens plans to register Obama voters and drive senior citizens to the polls. A retired human resources manager, he suspects the president's pronouncement was "more a political thing than his true feelings." But he's not dwelling on it.

"We can agree to disagree on gay marriage," Givens said, "and then I leave him alone."


Friday, May 11, 2012

American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic


John Edwards' Prosecution Ends with ABC Video of Him Lying

The prosecution wrapped its case against John Edwards today hoping to convict the former presidential candidate by replaying an ABC News interview from 2008 in which he denied having fathered a child with his mistress. 

The Nightline interview aired just days after Edwards was photographed at the Beverly Hills Hilton cradling the infant daughter he had with mistress Rielle Hunter. 

Edwards adamantly denied in the televised interview that he was the father of the baby and said he never asked any of his wealthy donors to support his mistress or his baby. 

"I have never asked anybody to pay a dime of money. Never been told that any money has been paid. Nothing has been done at my request," Edwards told ABC News' Bob Woodruff.

"So if the allegation is that somehow I participated in the payment of money, that is a lie. An absolute lie," Edwards said. 

Edwards is accused of illegally using campaign funds to hide Hunter and the baby. He claims any money used to hide Hunter were personal gifts and he was motivated only to keep the affair a secret from his wife, not the government. 

You be the judge.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

The prosecution rested its case today. On Friday the jury will have the day off, but Edwards' lawyers plan to argue that the judge should dismiss the case. 

The government has built its case against Edwards on the allegation that he knew his aides were soliciting donations from wealthy donors to cover up his illicit affair and illegitimate daughter. Edwards maintains that he was worried about keeping the affair secret from his wife and did not know his supporters had supplied nearly $1 million in hush money. 

In the Nightline interview, Edwards also said he did not know that Fred Baron, a donor and one-time campaign treasurer, was helping to pay for Hunter's upkeep. 

"I knew nothing about this. No one consulted me about it. I had no involvement at all," Edwards said, conceding that Baron may have been paying Hunter in order to "help him." 

That story contradicts testimony from Edwards' speechwriter Wendy Button, who on Tuesday told the court that Edwards told her "he had known all along that Fred Baron had been taking care of things." 

Edwards has also since admitted fathering the baby girl, Frances Quinn. 

Lawyers observing the case said the video made a dramatic conclusion to the prosecution's case, essentially putting Edwards on the stand and listening to him lie about things the jury now know to be true. 

"It tied together a lot of circumstantial evidence. This case does not have the smoking gun. Juries like smoking guns. It has this tape, however," Steve Friedland, professor at Elon School of Law, told ABC News. 

"It's likely, he'll never take the stand. This was the functional equivalent. And it hit all of the major areas from hiding the fact about he had a baby, from hiding what happened with the money trail... and on and on and on," Friedland said. 

"So, John Edwards who said, I want to tell the truth here, wasn't telling the truth," he said. "This is like eating a garlic sandwich. It leaves a bad aftertaste. 

Edwards seemed buoyed by state of the case on Wednesday, even remarking to his lawyer "That's their case?" But today he left court looking downcast. 

After 14 days of prosecuting its case against Edwards, the government never called the woman at the center of affair, Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter. 

Instead, prosecutors called a cast of supporting characters, each offering insight into Edwards' machinations and motives. 

Earlier in the day, the jury heard testimony from a former campaign adviser who testified that Edwards desperately tried to strike a deal with presidential rivals to be named attorney general with the hope of one day becoming a Supreme Court justice. 

Leo Hindery, a campaign adviser, said he knew little of the $1 million effort to cover up Edwards' tawdry affair. 

Hindery said he believed Edwards' lie that the first stories about the affair were "untrue" and "rumors." 

Hindery, a longtime Democrat operative, was part of Edwards' inner circle and was dispatched to contact Barack Obama's campaign, and later Hillary Clinton's campaign, to strike a deal when it was clear Edwards would not win the 2008 presidential nomination. 

On Jan. 3, 2008, the night Obama won the Iowa caucuses, Edwards ordered Hindery to contact Sen. Tom Daschle, an Obama adviser. Edwards wanted to team up with Obama, trading his endorsement for the vice-president slot early in the campaign to strike a death blow to Clinton. 

Daschle questioned the Edwards' campaign reasoning for broaching the topic with Obama following the first contest of the campaign and on the night Obama was savoring victory, but brought the proposal to his candidate. Obama rejected the deal. 


Thursday, May 10, 2012


On a tip from Ed Kilbane

(Click for larger image)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you Barry... but we knew it all along

Gay Marriage
 He voted for it, before he voted against it, but now he's for it. 

Another gift from the president. First it was Joe (The Gaffe) Biden and now the Messiah. Now where do you suppose most Americans are going to stand on this issue? NC just banned same sex marriage the same state holding the DNC. That makes 30 states against it. You just have to wonder about the timing of this announcement. I would like to have been a fly on the wall during the Obama-Biden conversation.

Out of control debt, Keystone, Solyndra, suing states for enforcing illegal immigration policy, Obamacare, etc, and now this. Ya gotta love this guy. Thanks Barry. 

Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal
(aka The Death Nail... so the NYT's had to spin it)

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday ended nearly two years of "evolving" on the issue of same-sex marriage by publicly endorsing it in a television interview, taking a definitive stand on one of the most contentious and politically charged social issues of the day. 

"At a certain point, I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," Mr. Obama told ABC News in an interview that came after the president faced mounting pressure to clarify his position. 

In an election that is all but certain to turn on the slowly recovering economy and its persistently high jobless rate, Mr. Obama's stand nonetheless injects a volatile social issue into the campaign debate and puts him at even sharper odds with his presumptive Republican rival, Mitt Romney, who opposes same-sex marriage and favors an amendment to the United States Constitution to forbid it. 

Public support for same-sex marriage is growing at a pace that surprises even professional pollsters as older generations of voters who tend to be strongly opposed are supplanted by younger ones who are just as strongly in favor. Same-sex couples are featured in some of the most popular shows on television, without controversy. 

Yet time after time, when the issue is put to voters in states, they have chosen to ban unions between people of the same gender or to defeat measures that would legalize same-sex unions. Just Tuesday, North Carolinians voted overwhelmingly to add a ban to their state constitution, and Republican leaders in the Colorado House blocked a vote on legislation to allow civil unions; North Carolina and Colorado are considered swing states in presidential politics. 

Nationwide, according to the pollster Andrew Kohut of the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, a plurality of swing voters favors same-sex marriage, 47 percent to 39 percent, and outside the South the margin widens to a majority of 53 percent in favor and 35 percent opposed; in the South, a plurality of 48 percent opposes same-sex marriage. Swing voters generally do not have strong opinions on the subject, Mr. Kohut said, though in the South 30 percent of swing voters say they are strongly opposed. 

Supporters of same-sex marriage were quick to praise the president's decision to speak out. 

"President Obama's words today will be celebrated by generations to come," said Chad Griffin, the incoming president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group. "For the millions of young gay and lesbian Americans across this nation, President Obama's words provide genuine hope that they will be the first generation to grow up with the freedom to fully pursue the American dream. Marriage — the promise of love, companionship, and family — is basic to the pursuit of that dream." 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, called the president's statement "a watershed moment in American history" that would aid efforts to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act barring federal recognition of same-sex marriage. 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York said, "No American president has ever supported a major expansion of civil rights that has not ultimately been adopted by the American people, and I have no doubt that this will be no exception." 

Some supporters saw the president's announcement in more political terms. 

"For thousands of supporters who donated, canvassed and phone-banked to help elect Barack Obama in 2008, this is a powerful reminder of why we felt so passionately about this president in the first place," said Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way, a liberal interest group. 

"I'm almost in tears," said Steve Clemons, director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan research group. Mr. Clemons, who is gay and was married in California in 2008, said the announcement would ignite progressives at a time when there was some ambivalence on the Democratic left as to how forcefully to support Mr. Obama's re-election bid. 

Mr. Clemons compared that ambivalence to that of evangelicals on the Republican right toward Mr. Romney. But now, in one single step, Mr. Obama, at least, has erased any ambivalence his base might feel toward his candidacy, Mr. Clemons said. 

Mr. Obama's comments came in an interview with ABC News's Robin Roberts that was arranged by the White House, knowing that Ms. Roberts is a popular correspondent, well-known especially among female viewers as a cancer survivor and among African-Americans, a group in which there is widespread opposition to same-sex marriage. 

The interview was intended to be wide-ranging, but it inadvertently became the outlet for Mr. Obama's long-awaited evolution on same-sex marriage in a week that began with the remarks of his vice president, Joseph R. Biden Jr., all but embracing same-sex marriage in an expansive answer to a question on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday. 

Mr. Biden's well-publicized comments increased the pressure on Mr. Obama to take a stand, with his press secretary, Jay Carney, pummeled with questions from White House reporters. Newspaper editorials, columnists and bloggers assailed the president's ambivalence, demanding clarity before the election. On Tuesday, Mr. Carney signaled that Mr. Obama would soon address the matter. 

But the timing was forced on the president in other ways.

Meaning Obama cares about one thing and that's Obama. 

On Thursday, Mr. Obama is to attend a fund-raiser in Los Angeles at the home of the actor George Clooney, which is expected to raise about $12 million, much of it from Hollywood people active in the gay-rights cause. On Monday, Mr. Obama is scheduled to speak at a campaign fund-raiser and reception of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council in New York City, where the special guest is Ricky Martin, the singer who is gay. On June 6 Mr. Obama is scheduled to return to Los Angeles to speak at a gala benefiting the gay, bisexual and transgender community, with tickets costing up to $25,000. And this summer, Democrats will begin meeting to draft the party's platform for the national convention that will nominate Mr. Obama in September, and some gay-rights activists are pushing to include language endorsing same-sex marriage. The president and his advisers in the White House and at the campaign headquarters in Chicago knew Mr. Obama would repeatedly have to parry questions and criticisms on the issue. That prospect, several Democrats said, suggested that the greater political risk for Mr. Obama was not in coming out for same-sex unions but in appearing to be politically calculating, especially given that most supporters believe he personally has favored same-sex unions. 

"He's been on this evolution since November 2010, and it's been getting kind of awkward," said Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign. "The word evolution signifies change that has an ending at some point."

This should insure he "evolves" himself right out of the WH.