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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm starting to get agitated watching Romney take it on the chin. While I like Romney he is starting to come across like "milk toast"

He's got to re-huddle and get on the offense! Barry's trying to paint him in a box with Bain Capital, which is like comparing apples and oranges. He should make a bold statement similar to the one below. After all, its not like he doesn't have a warehouse of ammunition on Barry.

How about this...

Contrary to what you may have heard when I was running Bain Capital I was not the president of the United States. My job was to run a business not the country. I ran an organization in which I became successful, using my own money and the investors money, not the taxpayers. I worked hard, 16 hour days, and became wealthy. I made money for the investors also. THAT WAS MY JOB, AND I'M SURE AS HELL NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR IT! (He pauses because of the applause)

What did the current president do in the private sector? Well... let me tell you folks. He served ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins. Is it any surprise we wound up with a healthcare program nobody asked for or wanted? We have Obamacare ruled constitutional by the Supreme court. The Supreme Court said, "IT'S  A TAX"…Something the Obama administration has vehemently denied all along.

Is it any wonder were almost 16 trillion in debt?

The S&P downgraded U.S. debt from AAA to AA+, the first debt downgrade in U.S. history!

Barry likes to talk about "fair share". Is taxing people more who earn over $250,000 a year even going to put a scratch in the deficit? Hell no. It's nothing but a deflection. Blame the rich, instead of where the blame should really be directed, towards this inept, lying, incompetent administration! 

How many green companies like Solyndra went bankrupt on the taxpayers dime?

On the other hand we have a legitimate prospect of putting thousands of people to work on the Keystone Pipeline but Barry finds one excuse after another not to so the oil can go to China.

We have a DOJ riddled with deceit, fraud, and out-and-out murder, starting with Fast and Furious. A DOJ that routinely sues states for trying to defend their border and deport illegals. Photo ID to vote is considered a "poll tax"!

The Secretary of Labor is doing TV commercials demanding illegals get a fair wage.

Then to ad insult to injury a new ad came out by this administration recently encouraging Americans to get on the food stamp program. I guess the 47 million currently on the government dole is not enough.

How much has your home appreciated since Obama became president?

Been to the supermarket lately?

Obama has only lived up to one promise. He did fundamentality change America.

 Its like Mark Levin said, Obama's re-election would be tantamount to National suicide.

Barry's new bumper sticker.

(On a tip from Keith Grant)

OK, maybe he should leave the bumper sticker out.


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