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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here it comes...Barry, Debbie and Isaac

Hurricane Isaac
The second Republican hurricane on record

As we all know the storm that was produced by mother nature also known as Hurricane Katrina was Bush's fault. Ray "make New Orleans chocolate again" Nagin, and their worthless governor Kathleen Blanco (both Democrats), not to mention rest of the idiots living in New Orleans, had nothing to do with their own demise. If you want the true story I suggest you read Decision Points. The only preparation made by those in New Orleans was how to loot the stores of Nike's, clothing, HDTV's, etc after the storm passed.

Fast forward to 2012. Isaac is fast approaching New Orleans while the Republicans are at their convention in Tampa which doesn't end until August 30th. It won't be long before Barry orders Downgrade One fired up so he can steal the spotlight flying to New Orleans for a photo-op to show how much he cares, while those "uncaring" Republicans are living the high life in Tampa.

In the meantime Debbie Waaassermouth Schultz should be appearing on MSNBC to discuss Hurricane Romney..I mean Isaac. I can hear it now...The people of New Orleans are facing an unimaginable hardship while those heartless Republicans just go about their business in Tampa without batting an eye. By the time she finishes Romney owns Hurricane Isaac. 

The Democratic agenda will be to make political hay out of this in some form. Probably about 50% of Americans will fall for it. Why? Because for liberals stupidity is not a handicap it's a virtue.


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