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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bomber Barry

Have you noticed Barry has acquired a new jacket. You can't buy it at Wal-Mart, had it custom made. It's a leather bomber jacket.

 The fact he never spent one day in the military is of no consequence. It's the show that counts.

 I zoomed in on it. On his right there is a patch that proudly proclaims AIR FORCE ONE on his left there is his name tag. Barack Obama (he left the H out) COMMANDER IN CHIEF it says. 

I guess he needed a reminder that he is supposed to be the president. 

With all the TV shows he does it gets a little confusing... Letterman, Leno, The View, MTV, ET, Fallon, Nickelodeon, The Daily Show etc. His forte as a talk show celebrity is renowned... the presidential crap really can get in his way. Well, all is not lost. After November 6th, when he no longer has a job, I'm sure Trump can find him a spot on Celebrity Apprentice. Then again, how long do you think it would be before Trump says..You're Fired? 

 I got to give him credit for one thing and this may sound like a contradiction but it goes along with his zest to be a celebrity. He is the greatest campaigner I have ever seen. If fact he is so great he campaigned his way right through the presidency.


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