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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good, bad, and the ugly

1. Good ...rumor has it Pelosi may be leaving.
                           (Update: 10:40 AM Good turned bad. She's staying)

2. Bad...rumor has it  John Kerry is under consideration for Sec of Defense. Maybe not, after they watch this video.

(So in other words only morons serve in our military; and they're going to make him Sec of Defense!!!)

3. Ugly...rumor has it Hillary is leaving and Susan Rice is taking her place. There is no upside or downside in this one. One is white the other black, they're both ugly, and each can lie like a rug. 

PS: Gutfeld said Holder is probably going to stay. He and Barry are so close that when Barry gets hungry Stedman's stomach starts growling.


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