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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

California Endowment ad espouses free health care for illegals

Before you read this... keep in mind WH tours are closed, some National Parks, Cleveland Air Show cancelled etc, because of sequestration. Meanwhile, Joe's in France drinking vintage (1957) Dom Pérignon.

They come here illegally, primarily from Mexico, and then have the f-ing gall to demand free healthcare!

When I first saw this video it pissed me off so much I almost kicked in my TV.  

Video 24

In this video they call America "our country" although they freely admit they are undocumented which is liberalese for illegal.

The California Endowment is a private, California-focused health foundation. They are advocating "free" healthcare for illegals but in typical liberal fashion they're not paying for it. This calls to mind the definition of a liberal... 
Someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off, with your money. 

This is ethically, and legally wrong. Think about it. They come here illegally from Mexico, China, Russia, Bulgaria..Oh... I  almost forgot about Barry's aunt and uncle from Kenya, and we're supposed to give them free healthcare?

1000 N Alameda St # 250, Los Angeles 
 (213) 628-1001

This coming from CA a state already $34 billion in outstanding debt.


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