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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Common Sense...No it's not Thomas Paine

In 15 years of law enforcement Dan Bongino never arrested anyone for a gun crime who owned the gun legally. More often then not, I bet across the country this is the case. 

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A criminal is not going to submit themselves to a background check. They're not going to register their gun or buy insurance and as sure as hell they're not going to follow any laws restricting magazine capacities.

That's why they're called criminals.

The proposed gun legislation serves only to go after the law abiding citizen which makes as much sense as a drunk driver blaming the road for his condition.

Personally, I would like to see some sort of data bank be inclusive in a background check with the emphasis on the mental stability of the applicant. 

I think Graham is on to something here.

What common trait do they all possess?
I was going to say "share" but I'll let the pictures do the talking...


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