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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Islam... in all its glory

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I never thought I would ever agree with Bob Beckle (the Fox news ultra liberal) but I do when he says it's time for a suspension of all students visas and immigration from countries that do not publicly condemn acts of Islamic terrorism. Even our illustrious president can't bring himself to say the words Islamic terrorism.  He has referred to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood as "a non secular religious party". He still refers to the Ft. Hood shooting as a case of "workplace violence".


Not the censored version you watch on TV. 

Just to understand the hatred, viciousness, and callousness of the Jihadists. Indiscriminate killing of innocent people including women and children all in the name of some twisted religious ideology.

When you here terms like the:

Shoe Bomber
Underwear Bomber
Time Square Bomber
and now the Boston Marathon Bombers

The common denominator is they're all Muslims. A Thesaurus list for synonyms for Muslims should include "bomb".


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