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Friday, May 24, 2013

UPDATE: Barry calls Smokey the Bear for advice

Well here we are. Barry and his team of thugs are so preoccupied with putting out fires Barry thought it's high time to launch a counterattack. The definition of counterattack... divert the spotlight elsewhere. Barry's mind... I'll go on a long rambling speech about terrorism.... remarkably ripe from what just took place in England...diverting the attention from me.

Sadly, although it was long and meandering, it accomplished nothing. Obama stated he "rejects boundless global war on terror" probably because Bush first used the term "war on terror". You have to ask yourself this. Muslims have senselessly  killed people in America, England, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Afghanistan...well let me put it another way. Where haven't they killed anybody? But according to Barry its not global.

The recent atrocity in London a Muslim shouted Allahu Akbar while hacking a British soldier to death. Cameron immediately called it for what it was a terrorist attack.  Juxtapose Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, shouted Allahu Akbar and shot dead 13 soldiers and Barry called it workplace violence. If the terror speech and the Ft. Hood incident isn't a tip off to "massaging the message" over Benghazi then maybe you should invest in one of these.

Got to give the devil is due. I bet Barry could tell you how to make Marinara sauce without using the word tomato.

Wonder what Romney is thinking right about now?


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