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Friday, August 2, 2013

"Tracking down killers and bringing them to justice"... Sure he is

It sounded good when Barry spoke these words calling out the Benghazi terrorists. Standing at his side in steadfast determination was his confidant Hillary,  just as eager to... "get to the bottom of this."
As usual...  all words and no action.

He's looking into this like Helen Keller with cataracts.

Despite the fact Libyan authorities have apprehended a few of the terrorists, so far, the only one in jail is the "murderous thug" who shot the video. Ever wonder why TV reporters have no problem conducting interviews with the perpetrators  but the FBI can't seem to find them? Because if they're apprehended and brought back to America to stand trial the truth will come out.

(Check out Hillary rubbing her head. A penny for her thoughts)

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