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Friday, September 13, 2013

Emails show IRS’ Lois Lerner specifically targeted tea party

"I have done nothing wrong"

Has turned into...I have done nothing right!

The new revelations:

- In February 2011, Lerner warned that the "Tea Party matter" could be "the vehicle" for a campaign finance law challenge, and shouldn't be left to the Cincinatti IRS office.

So much for "low level rogue employees in Cincinnati" 

- On July 10, 2012, after aide Sharon Light sent Lerner an article about Democrats wanting more disclosure of donors from the FEC -- worried that conservatives were making better use of 501 laws to hide money -- Lerner responded, "perhaps the FEC will save the day."

What is their involvement?

- 15 days later, Lerner pre-spun some negative attention coming around to the delays of tax-exempt applications.

I submit to you Barry knew all about the IRS scandal because in all likelihood he orchestrated it. In the multitude of scandals since Barry took office no one has been fired, let alone put in jail, because in this administration there is no punitive action for the crime of loyalty to their Ruler. 


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