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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mr Flip-Flop issues ultimatum to al-Assad


Who saw this coming? Before this story went to press an unbelievable turn of events. If this administration owned a website it would be Stumbleupon. Assad who has proclaimed all along he didn't use chemical weapons now admits he has them and will turn them over to Russia to avert war. This is too funny. Kerry makes an asinine comment and they stumble into this? There's more to this story then meets the eye... rest assured.

Is the war over?
Maybe not.

Secretary of State John Kerry executed a 180-degree turn in comments to the London media, suggesting President Obama's 'red line' on the use of chemical weapons could now be erased if Assad gives them up.

Kerry had announced in London that the Obama administration would not launch a military strike against Syria if dictator Bashar al-Assad were to 'turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.'

'He isn't about to do it,' Kerry quickly predicted, 'and it can't be done, obviously.'

The secretary of state issued his 'ultimatum' on the latest leg of a European tour seeking support for intervention. At the same time he said that if any strikes did take place they would be 'unbelievably small.'

The State Department muddied the waters after Kerry's remarks, confirming in a statement that he was merely making a rhetorical argument and didn't seriously expect Assad to relinquish his chemical weapons.

Can you understand this thought process?

Another case in point is my concern over Kerry. When Bush had videos of Saddam gassing the Kurds Dem’s weren’t convinced. Now we’re supposed to jump because of Kerry’s “proof” of chemical weapons. Remember when we were downgraded from the triple AAA credit rating to a double AA by S&P? The first thing out of Kerry's mouth was "it's a Teaparty downgrade"  even though it was the then Senator Kerry and his colleagues that began ratcheting up the enormous debt. The Teaparty never spent a penny of taxpayer money or contributed to the national debt in any way yet he tried to sluff off the blame on them. 

So I should believe him now?

The fact of the matter is I do...warily. I believe Assad used chemical weapons not the so-called rebels. But I have no way to back that up 100%. To me this really isn't the issue. The matter in question is distinguishing friend from foe. 

We have no clear cut resolute solution to the Syrian dilemma. 

Barry's calling for "a shot across the bow" while Kerry maintains, "any strikes that take place would be unbelievably small."

Seems like a lukewarm, half-assed, approach to me.

Then this:

It wasn’t too long ago a video was discovered showing a Syrian rebel chopping off a Priest’s head with a sword.

Beck followed with another video where a rebel gutted his enemy and ate his heart and liver.

 The NYT’s came up with this picture recently of Syrian rebels reminiscent of the Nazi treatment of Jews during WW ll.

And we’re taking the side of these people?

Lets face it. Assad, and especially his wife, are scum. His entire family could be wiped out tomorrow and I could care less. But is it possible some new regime in Syria could be worse then Assad?  Certainly looks like it from what I've seen.

From the Daily Beast of all places:

‘These images ought to be a wakeup call for those who think Syria is headed for a better future under the rebels.’


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