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Thursday, November 28, 2013

ObamaCare...taking from the have's... to give to the have not's

In order to better serve their policyholders truthfully and be compliant with the ObamaCare guidelines one company has saw fit to make a change.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deal reached on Iranian nuclear program

You have to many times can Iran (not to mention North Korea) lie to us... yet we falling for this crap. 

Kerry said, "It will make our partners in the region safe. It will make Israel safer."

What a f*****g joke!

Netanyahu's response:

"What was agreed last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it is a historic mistake. Today the world has become much more dangerous because the most dangerous regime in the world took a significant step to getting the most dangerous weapon in the world."

All one has to do is read the last paragraph.

If Iran's nuclear program was geared to "medical research" like they said... what are they doing with 440 lbs of weapons grade uranium?


November 23, 2013: President Barack Obama speaks in the State Dining Room at the White House about the nuclear deal between six world powers and Iran that calls on Tehran to limit its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

 The parties to the P5+1/Iran talks in Geneva, Switzerland (Pool Photo)                                                                       

Iran and six world powers reached a deal early Sunday that would halt parts of Iran's nuclear program in exchange for what was described by the Obama administration as "modest relief" from international sanctions.

Obama, speaking from the White House while Secretary of State John Kerry helped ink the agreement in Geneva, called it a "first step toward a comprehensive solution."

The deal, while historic, is a six-month agreement. Republican senators in Washington warned shortly after the terms were announced that western powers were giving up too much in exchange for too little, in hopes of a longer-term deal. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said it would give a leading sponsor of terror "billions of dollars in exchange for cosmetic concessions."

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said that the agreement "makes a nuclear Iran more, not less, likely," and called the deal "a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about America's commitment to their security and it sends the wrong message to the Iranian people, who continue to suffer under the repressive rule of their leaders who have only their own self-preservation in mind." 

But Obama insisted the sanctions relief is reversible if Iran doesn't live up to its end of the bargain.

"The broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously," said Obama, who urged Congress not to pass new sanctions against Iran in light of the agreement, saying "doing so would derail this promising first step, alienate us from our allies, and risk unraveling the coalition that enabled our sanctions to be enforced in the first place."  

Under the terms of the agreement, which concluded days of negotiations in Geneva, Iran committed to halt enrichment above a 5 percent threshold and dismantle the technical connections required to enrich uranium above that threshold.

Iran is also required to neutralize its stockpile of near 20 percent enriched uranium, and halt progress on its enrichment capacity. In return, the six world powers (the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia), have agreed to not impose any new sanctions, suspend sanctions on certain sectors of Iran's economy, and potentially unfreeze $4.2 billion in revenue from oil sales if Iran meets other conditions.

A White House statement also said Iran's nuclear program will be subject to "increased transparency and intrusive monitoring."

Speaking from the White House late Saturday night, Obama said that the terms of the deal were "substantial limitations which will help prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Simply put, they cut off Iran's most likely paths to a bomb."

However, Obama warned that sanctions relief was dependent on Iran living up to its end of the agreement, saying, "In these negotiations, nothing will be agreed to until everything is agreed to. The burden is on Iran to prove to the world that its nuclear program will be for exclusively peaceful purposes."

Iran President Hassan Rouhani endorsed the agreement in a nationally broadcast speech Sunday, saying the accord recognizes Iran's "nuclear rights" even if that precise language was kept from the final document because of Western resistance.

"No matter what interpretations are given, Iran's right to enrichment has been recognized," said Rouhani, who later posed with family members of nuclear scientists killed in slayings in recent years that Iran has blamed on Israel and allies.

Saying "trust is a two-way street," Rouhani insisted that talks on a comprehensive agreement should start immediately.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who led his country's delegation, called on both sides to see the agreement as an "opportunity to end an unnecessary crisis and open new horizons."

But reaction in Israel was strongly negative. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu called the deal "a historic mistake" in remarks to his cabinet Sunday. Earlier in the day, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz, who is responsible for monitoring Iran's nuclear program, said the deal was based on "Iranian deception and self-delusion."

The deal came after the personal intervention by Kerry and other foreign ministers whose presence had raised hopes for a breakthrough.

"The purpose of this is simple," said Kerry, who spoke early Sunday morning, Geneva time.  "Requiring Iran to prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and prove it does not have a nuclear weapon.

"It will make our partners in the region safe. It will make Israel safer."

"Agreement in Geneva," Kerry had tweeted. "First step makes world safer. More work now."

The deal marks a milestone between the two countries, which broke diplomatic ties 34 years ago when Iran's Islamic revolution climaxed in the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Since then, relations between the two countries had been frigid to hostile.

Although the deal lowered tensions between the two countries, friction points remain -- notably Iran's support of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. The United States also has said Iran supports terrorism throughout the region and commits widespread human rights violations.

Since it was revealed in 2003, Iran's enrichment program has grown from a few dozen enriching centrifuges to more than 18,000 installed and more than 10,000 operating. The machines have produced tons of low-enriched uranium, which can be turned into weapons grade material.

Iran also has stockpiled almost 440 pounds of higher-enriched uranium in a form that can be converted more quickly to fissile warhead material than the low-enriched uranium. Its supply is nearly enough for one bomb.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

How true

If 26 million signed up as opposed to 26,000 on the government website he would still be calling it ObamaCare.

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Video 61


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Second wave of health plan cancellations looms

The first paragraph below indicates the likely decimation of  Democrats (similar to the 2010 midterm) and the Senate should join the House... both  Republican. Even by some fluke, and said scenario did not occur, Barry's days are over when it comes to passing any meaningful legislation. People are beginning to realize you can't elect a community organizer to do a president's job. 

Hope and Change is decidedly Smoke and Mirrors.



In a blatant political maneuver, fooling only the brain-dead, Barry delays the employer mandate until 11 days after the mid-term election.

A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall -- right before the mid-term elections.

The next round of cancellations and premium hikes is expected to hit employees, particularly of small businesses. While the administration has tried to downplay the cancellation notices hitting policyholders on the individual market by noting they represent a relatively small fraction of the population, the swath of people who will be affected by the shakeup in employer-sponsored coverage will be much broader.

An analysis by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, shows the administration anticipates half to two-thirds of small businesses would have policies canceled or be compelled to send workers onto the ObamaCare exchanges. They predict up to 100 million small and large business policies could be canceled next year.

"The impact I'm mostly worried about is on small young, entrepreneurial firms that will suddenly face much higher health insurance premiums if they want to offer health insurance to their employees," said AEI resident scholar Stan Veuger. "I think for a lot of other businesses ... they can just send their employees to the exchanges or offer them a fixed subsidy every month to buy health insurance themselves."

Under the health care law, businesses with fewer than 50 workers do not have to provide health coverage. But if they do, the policies will still have to meet the benefit standards set by ObamaCare.

As reported by AEI's Scott Gottlieb, some businesses got around this by renewing their policies before the end of 2013. But the relief is temporary, and they are expected to have to offer in-compliance plans for 2015. According to Gottlieb, that means beginning in October 2014 the cancellation notices will start to go out.

Then, businesses will have to either find a new plan -- which could be considerably more expensive -- or send workers onto the ObamaCare exchanges.

For workers, their experience could mirror that of the 5 million or so on the individual market who already received cancellation notices because their plans did not meet new standards under the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama announced last week that insurance companies could offer out-of-compliance plans for another year. But that only means the cancellation notices will resume late next year.

Obama met Wednesday with state insurance commissioners about the change. In a statement afterward, National Association of Insurance Commissioners President Jim Donelon voiced concern with the change but said: "We will work with the insurance companies in our states to implement changes that make sense while following our mandate of consumer protection."

The business community has already been hit with another side effect from ObamaCare. Because the law will require businesses with more than 50 full-time workers to offer health coverage, there are reports that companies are shifting employees to part-time status to avoid hitting the threshold.

Though the administration describes these accounts as anecdotal -- and has already delayed the employer mandate by a year -- studies suggest otherwise.

The International Franchise Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have studied the impact and say the president's health care law has resulted in higher costs and fewer full-time positions.

A survey showed 31 percent of franchise businesses, and 12 percent of non-franchise businesses, have already reduced worker hours. It also showed 27 percent of franchise businesses, and 12 percent of non-franchise businesses, have replaced full-time workers with part-time employees.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What scandal?

Bob: "Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?
Jim: "You mean the Mexican gun running?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "You mean voter fraud?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "You mean the military not getting their votes counted?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "You mean the drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "Giving high tech battery maker A 123 inc. $300 Million and right after that bail-out it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "You mean Obama arming the Muslim Brotherhood?"
Bob: "No the other one:.
Jim: "The IRS targeting conservatives?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The DOJ spying on the press?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The president's ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The president's threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The president's repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?"
Bob: "No, the other one."
Jim: "Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?"
Bob: "No, the other  one."
Jim: "I give up! ... Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don't pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?

 Sit back and imagine Barry was a white Republican. 

Just one glaring example of media bias.

Abu Ghraib - wall to wall coverage number killed zero.

Benghazi - no coverage (except FOX) number killed... four dead Americans. The MSM was only to happy to go along with the..."it was the video" bullshit.

Oh... and if Ft. Hood was workplace violence... then this statement:

“In the name of Almighty Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful, my name is Nidal Hasan, Major Nidal Hasan, and I would like to convey a message to the world,” runs more than six pages.

Hasan also says he regrets his years in the Army, claiming that his service was inconsistent with his religious beliefs. “I would like to begin by repenting to Almighty Allah and apologize to the (Mujahideen), the believers, and the innocent. I ask for their forgiveness and their prayers. I ask for their forgiveness for participating in the illegal and immoral aggression against Muslims, their religion and their lands,” he said.

  proves clearly Nadal Hasan is a closet Presbyterian.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Even Paxil can't save his presidency

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Video 60


The Daily Caller

A downbeat President Barack Obama repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse of Obamacare. The distracted president railed against opponents and at one point appeared to forget the number of people in the Obamacare system during the rambling quarter-hour address.

“My main message is I’m going to need your help, your energy, your faith, your ability to reach out to neighbors, kids and friends [and] co-workers,” he told listeners to the Internet broadcast arranged by his grass-roots group, Organizing for Action.

But his worried followers would also benefit from proselytizing for Obama and Obamacare, Obama suggested.

“I’ve never lost faith in our ability to get this done… you guys have lifted me up, and lifted each other up at every step of the way, and I know you’re going to just keep on doing that,” he said during his 14-minute sermon.

‘We have experienced discouragement and setbacks and naysayers every step of the way, but you know when you’re on the right side of something, then it gives you energy, it gives you motivation,” he said.

“All the people out there who need help, everybody out there who is working hard but just finding that the system kinda feels rigged against him… that’s got to motivate us,” he said.

During his monologue, he made a mistake that illustrates the strain he’s facing while trying to save his Obamacare network.

“In the first month alone, we’ve seen more than 100 million Americans already successfully enroll in the new insurance plans,” he said, inaccurately referring to the 106,000 Americans who managed to pick a health-benefit plan via the cripple website.

The broadcast was audio-only, and conducted after the evening news. That media strategy will likely minimize TV coverage of his speech and despondent mood, while still allowing him to reach his political base.

After past political defeats, including the 2011 budget negotiations, Obama showed reduced energy.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ObamaCare website now fully operational


Obama... False hope...False Messiah

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Video 59


Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank the Lord...I'm not a Lezbo anymore

Didn't see this coming. 

Bill de Blasio the incoming NYC mayor is a Sandinista socialist who married a lesbian and honeymooned in Cuba.

And I was worked up about Weiner winning!


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray, a former lesbian, opens up about falling in love with a man

Bill de Blasio's wife opened up about falling in love with a man after years of identifying as a lesbian and their life as a "very conventional, unconventional couple" in a candid interview released Thursday.

Chirlane McCray, 58, said her relationship with de Blasio was made possible "by putting aside the assumptions I had about the form and package my love would come in."

The interview, with Essence magazine, comes 34 years after McCray penned a groundbreaking 1979 essay for Essence entitled, "I Am a Lesbian," about coming out as a gay black woman.

The deBlasio family...

Can a sitcom be far off?

Why...I believe..I hear a song coming on..


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another Stunning Reversal In President Obama’s Talking Points On Obamacare

There are only two scenarios here.

1. He's a liar.

2. He didn't even bother to read his own legislation which bears his name.

(I'll go with liar even though I doubt he read his own bill)

Nixon lied about Watergate, it was a stupid thing to do, but no one was hurt, and in the real scheme of things (Watergate vs Benghazi) not really that big of a deal. He was forced to resign. 

Clinton lied…"I never had sex with that woman" and faced impeachment but again no one beside the immediate participants suffered any pain. 

Barry promised Americans "You can keep your plan period" he lied and millions will lose their insurance. Many millions more will lose their insurance when the employer mandate kicks in. When you compare what he's done to the other two…well there is no comparison.

 Yes Democrats may take a hit in the midterms but what happens to Barry? 

Evidently not a damn thing.


President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, at an Organizing for Action grassroots supporter event in Washington, November 4, 2013.

For the second time in as many months, President Barack Obama has dramatically changed his communications strategy for coping with the troubled rollout of his signature legislation.

In an interview Thursday with NBC's Chuck Todd, the President apologized for the fact that some people in the individual insurance market had found their health plans canceled under the new law, in violation of Obama's promise that "if you like your plan, you can keep it."

"Even though it's a small percentage of folks who may be disadvantaged, you know, it means a lot to them," Obama said Thursday. "And it's scary to them. And I am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation, based on assurances they got from me." He also hinted that he would support efforts, possibly through legislation, to address the problem.

The statement came after more than a week of attempts by the administration to obfuscate the hardship faced by some people who were being forced under the law to pay more for new insurance plans they did not choose. On Oct. 30, during a speech in Boston, Obama claimed falsely that anyone bought insurance as an individual would "be getting a better deal" under the Affordable Care Act. "So anyone peddling the notion that insurers are canceling peoples' plan without mentioning that almost all the insurers are encouraging people to join better plans with the same carrier and stronger benefits and stronger protections while others will be able to get better plans with new carriers through the marketplace, and that many will get new help to pay for these better plans and make them actually cheaper—if you leave that stuff out, you're being grossly misleading, to say the least," Obama said.

Just a few weeks earlier, Obama had appeared in the Rose Garden to announce a similarly stunning reversal in messaging, this time about the state of the website designed to allow people to sign up for the plan. "No one is more frustrated than I am," he said on October 21 of the technical problems that had rendered the website for the Affordable Care Act inoperable. For the three weeks prior, Obama had dismissed the plague of technical issues as mere "glitches," and complained that Republicans were "rooting for failure" when they were discussed.

Complicating matters for the administration is that they knew about both issues before the public faced them, but plowed on with the implementation—and their initial message—despite it. The warning flags were clear for the website in August, if not earlier, when security reviews found issues with the site's coding. Obama's "you can keep it" line and accompanying policy has been flagged as misleading by fact-checkers for years, even before it was signed into law.

The shift comes as the Jan. 1 beginning of the individual mandate nears, though individuals have until the end of March to enroll in a plan before they are assessed a fine. Behind the scenes Congressional Democrats are livid with the White House, and vulnerable incumbents are already publicly throwing barbs over Obama's handling of the law's implementation.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just not the right fit for NYC

The Contenders

Anthony Weiner 

Sexual pervert

Elliot Spitzer

Sexual pervert extraordinaire

Christine Quinn


Bill deBlasio

Sandinista Socialist

 Joe Ihota


And the winner is...

Bill deBlasio

The Sandinista Socialist

Video 58

Campaign ad... wealth redistribution is the first thing out of his son's mouth.  Tax and spend...what a novel idea for liberals. Isn't NYC one of the most expensive to live in and heavily taxed in the country already? Are they insane? Evidently so.

Even in this field the Republican never stood a chance.


A Public Service Announcement

On a tip from Senior International Correspondent
Ed Kilbane


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hitler finds out about ObamaCare rollout problems

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Video 57


Monday, November 4, 2013

For consumers whose health premiums will go up under new law, sticker shock leads to anger

When the opponents of ObamaCare (Palin among others) warned of the appending storm of millions of Americans loosing their current insurance Barry scoffed ..."don't listen to them" another favorite catch phrase was, "despite what you may have heard." The MSM was only to happy to go along with the charade writing them off as... "right wing TeaParty wacko's."

Although the opponents are now proven right, and the Supremes said it's constitutional, the train has long since left the station and the rest of America is just now catching on to what habitual liar Barry is

(Believe me...this cartoon doesn't even scratch the surface)

I don't care how you dice it, slice it, sugarcoat this statement:

 "No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."

It is what it is an out and out lie and he can't spin his way out of it!

BTW...This latest fiasco does make one wonder why those college transcripts are under lock and key?


Source Washington Post

Americans who face higher ­insurance costs under President Obama's health-care law are angrily complaining about "sticker shock,"

 threatening to become a new political force opposing the law even as the White House struggles to convince other consumers that they will benefit from it. 

The growing backlash involves people whose plans are being discontinued because the policies don't meet the law's more-stringent standards. They're finding that many alternative policies come with higher premiums and deductibles.

After receiving a letter from her insurer that her plan was being discontinued, Deborah Persico, a 58-year-old lawyer in the District, found a comparable plan on the city's new health insurance exchange. But her monthly premium, now $297, would be $165 higher, and her maximum out-of-pocket costs would double.

That means she could end up paying at least $5,000 more a year than she does now. "That's just not fair," said Persico, who represents indigent criminal defendants. "This is ridiculous."

If the poor, sick and uninsured are the winners under the Affordable Care Act, the losers appear to include some relatively healthy middle-income small-business owners, consultants, lawyers and other self-employed workers who buy their own insurance. Many make too much to qualify for new federal subsidies provided by the law but not enough to absorb the rising costs without hardship. Some are too old to go without insurance because they have children or have minor health issues, but they are too young for Medicare.

Others are upset because they don't want coverage for services they'll never need or their doctors don't participate in any of their new insurance options.

"There are definitely winners and losers," said Sabrina Corlette, a senior research fellow at Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms. "The problem is that even if the majority are winners . . . they're not the ones writing to their congressmen."

The administration says that about 12 million Americans, or 5 percent of the population, buy individual polices — they don't get coverage through their employers or programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Millions of them will be required to get new policies, but many will qualify for federal aid to pay for the premiums. Thus, they will end up with better coverage at lower costs, officials say. If they are sick, they won't be denied coverage or charged more.

But conveying such information is difficult because of the "calamitous" launch of, former White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." He said that "many of the people who have to transition are going to get better insurance for less money, but they just can't tell that right now because they can't get on the Web site."

Republicans have showed little sympathy. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, appearing on the same program, attacked Obama for his often-repeated pledge that people would be able to keep their health plans if they liked them. Romney said that Obama has engaged in "fundamental dishonesty" that has "undermined the foundation of his second term."

The disruptions being caused by the new law have been especially jolting for those who support the ideals of the health-care overhaul. 

Marlys Dietrick, a 60-year-old artist from San Antonio, said she had high hopes that the new law would help many of her friends who are chefs, actors or photographers get insured. But she said they have been turned off by high premiums and deductibles and would rather pay the fine. 

"I am one of those Democrats who wanted it to be better than this," she said.

Her insurer, Humana, informed her that her plan was being canceled and that the rate for herself and her 21-year-old son for a plan compliant with the new law would rise from $300 to $705. On the federal Web site, she found a comparable plan for $623 a month. Because her annual income is about $80,000, she doesn't qualify for subsidies.

A cheaper alternative on the federal exchange, she said, had a premium of $490 a month — but it was an HMO plan rather than the PPO plan she currently has. "I wouldn't be able to go to the doctor I've been going to for years," she said. "That is not a deal."

And both the HMO and PPO exchange plans she examined had family deductibles of $12,700, compared with her current $7,000.

Robert Laszewski, an industry consultant, said he thinks the rise in rates was inevitable. The new law, he said, has resulted in an estimated 30 to 50 percent increase in baseline costs for insurers.

"We've got increased access for sick people and an increase in the span of benefits, so something's got to give," he said.

Beginning Jan. 1, the new plans must cover 10 essential benefits including pediatric care, prescription drugs, mental-health services and maternity care. In general, policies that don't offer those can't be sold after 2013. (Plans that were in place before March 2010 and essentially ­haven't changed are "grandfathered" and allowed to continue.) Critics, such as Obama, say that the discontinued policies are too skimpy to offer real protections, but some consumers contend the plans meet their needs.

David Prestin, 48, who operates a gas station and diner at a truck stop in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, was unhappy to learn recently that his premiums are slated to rise from $923 to $1,283 next year under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The insurer said it needed to add maternity care to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

The issue of maternity coverage is a sensitive one for Prestin and his wife, Kathie. They had one child seven years ago, but after she had five miscarriages, they discovered she had an immune issue that prevented her from successfully completing a pregnancy.

At the same time, Prestin said, the new plan would reduce coverage for things he and Kathie need, such as free annual checkups.

The Prestins explored They are not eligible for subsidies, but they found a cheaper plan than the one being offered by their insurer. However, there was another problem: It would have required the couple to switch from the doctors they have seen for more than 16 years and travel more than 100 miles from their home to the nearest major hospital center for treatment — in Green Bay, Wis.

"I pay my taxes. I'm assistant chief of the volunteer fire department here in Cedar River and a first responder for Mid-County Rescue," Prestin said. "You try to be personally accountable and play by the rules, but the more you play by the rules, the more you get beat up on."