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Sunday, July 13, 2014

What happened to Barry's "Katrina moment"?

Henry Cuellar and a chorus of other Democrats were shouting from the roof tops for Barry to visit the mess he created at the border (which was precisely the reason he didn't go.) They referred to it has his "Katrina moment". Even though he was in Texas enjoying his favorite pastime, what else... fundraising, he couldn't find the time to visit what his own administration called..."An humanitarian crisis at the border."

So what happened to Barry's Katrina moment? Where's the follow up from MSM?

I'll tell you why they're missing in action again but first lets step back a bit.

Imagine after Katrina Bush degreed the MSM was prohibited from taking videos, photos, any audio recordings, and not allowed to interview the victims in New Orleans. The MSM would have went ballistic. Now fast forward to Texas July 2014 and Barry did just that. 

Get the full details here.
 OK...we're not becoming Venezuela.. 

So what is the MSM reaction to losing their 1st amendment Freedom Of The Press rights?

Some "Katrina moment" Huh? 
 57,000 illegals held at the border, an humanitarian crisis, and Barry didn't even do a flyover... without a peep from the MSM.


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