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Monday, November 17, 2014

Who waved the magic wand?

Unless you live in a cave everybody knows Barry is about to break the oath he swore... To preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution by granting amnesty to illegals. The shit is really going to hit the fan on this one! Even the MSM, his trusted ally, may not be able to save him.
If he thought this was a wonderful idea, the American people would just love it, why wait until after the election to make the proclamation?

Declaring amnesty puts Barry on really thin ice. I'm talking impeachment. I brought this up once before and I was told...They'll never impeach the first black president. That was then this is now. An exit poll conducting by Kellyanne Conway's The Polling Company found that three-quarters (74%) of voters believed that "President Obama should work with Congress rather than around Congress on immigration."

So what do we have? In 2015 the GOP owns the House and Senate with 74% of Americans thinking granting amnesty is wrong. Add this to all his other scandals and you would think slam dunk impeachment. It won't be. Within the realm of possibility? Most definitely.

 A montage of Barry acknowledging he doesn't have the authority to grant amnesty. Could he be any more explicit? You be the judge. 

Video 97

Barry to a tee.

Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

George Orwell

Doesn't the rule of law differentiate us from countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Syria, and North Korea?

So how will Barry Chavez suddenly get the authority? Personally I think his lap dog Stedman has a lot to do with it. If you recall  he told lie, after lie, after lie, in the F&F debacle he created. Eventually Stedman ran out of lies and couldn't stonewall the investigation any longer so Issa and his crew could now finally tighten the noose. We all know what happened. Barry came to his rescue claiming Executive Privilege. The problem is you can't evoke Executive Privilege to cover up a crime. Nixon learned that the hard way. We'll never know the total death toll racked up by Stedman. But we do know Barry set him free with no repercussions especially from his other lap dog the MSM. I'm not suggesting Executive Privilege is the same as an Executive Order. Then again... Barry may believe if I could get away with setting Stedman free I could do the same for illegals.  

In the 50's under Eisenhower we were deporting illegals. Now we're importing. 

 I wonder what Lou Costello would say if he were alive today:

He can't grant amnesty but now he can? Isn't this the same guy who said you could keep your insurance? 


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