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Friday, August 29, 2014

Barney Fife is in charge

 Obama under fire for 'we don't have a strategy' gaffe on ISIS as he's accused of having 'head buried in hole on first green'

(Personally, I think is head is buried in a different hole)

Texas congressman compares Obama to bumbling deputy Barney Fife from 'The Andy Griffith Show'

Pentagon insider says Joint Chiefs of Staff are 'seeing red' and 'spitting nails' following Obama's candid admission 

Generals are 'losing confidence in their mission,' said a former senior aide to a retired defense secretary 

House Intel Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said Obama's performance was 'really shocking given the severity of the threat'

Published: 09:36 EST, 29 August 2014 | Updated: 09:52 EST, 29 August 2014

Lawmakers are fuming over President Barack Obama's admission on Thursday that his White House lacks a strategy for dealing with the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in Syria, with one congressman comparing his performance to the bumbling sheriff's deputy Barney Fife from 'The Andy Griffith Show.'

And as House and Senate members piled on with sharp criticism, a former senior aide to a retired defense secretary told MailOnline that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are 'seeing red' and 'spitting nails' following Obama's candid admission.

'They're losing confidence in their mission,' said the long-time Pentagon insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity. 'When the president doesn't know what direction to point people in, all his advisers can do is guess at what he wants. That's not good.'

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert told Fox News.on Thursday that Obama articulated 'a pitiful foreign policy, and Barney Fife is in charge,'

No strategy: Obama said Thursday that he hasn't settled on a direction in Syria as ISIS solidifies its bases there despite losing ground to US airstrikes in Iraq

Taking over: This undated image posted on a militant website shows fighters from ISIS marching in Raqqa, Syria

'I don't know where he's getting his information,' said Gohmert. 'Maybe it's CIA Director [John] Brennan who said earlier this year that 'No, these guys don't want a caliphate'.'

'He must have his head buried in a hole somewhere on the first green.' 

As Washington scratched its collective hear, the president headed on the road Friday for a political fundraising trip. 

'I don't want to put the cart before the horse,' Obama had said Thursday, referring to the thorny problem of whether to attack ISIS inside Syria's borders. 'We don't have a strategy yet.'

'We need to make sure we've got clear plans, and we're developing them,' the president said. 'At that point I will consult with Congress and make sure their voices are heard.' 

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said on CNN that Obama's appearance on Thursday 'was an odd press conference at the very best, but to have a press conference to say we don't have a strategy was really shocking given the severity of the threat.'

Obama mentioned four times on Thursday his intention to seek advice from Congress before deploying more military assets in the Middle East, likely in response to concerns from members of the House and Senate that he was unconstitutionally freezing them out.

But 'there's no point in me asking for action on the part of Congress,' Obama told the press corps, 'before I know exactly what it is that is going to be required for us to get the job done.'

The president, clad in a muted tan suit that drew as many comments on Twitter as the content of his remarks, emphasized that he is mainly focused now on pushing back ISIS in Iraq, where American military jets and drones have executed more than 100 airstrikes this month.

But he boasted that America could put down the ISIS threat in Syria – at least in the short-term – at a time of his choosing.

'As I've said before – I think I said it in the previous press conference,' he said, 'our military is the best in the world.'

'We can rout ISIL on the ground and keep a lid on things temporarily, he insisted, referring to ISIS by the White House's preferred name. 'But then as soon as we leave, the same problems come back again.'

'My priority at this point is to make sure that the gains that ISIL made in Iraq are rolled back and that Iraq has the opportunity to govern itself effectively and secure itself,' the president said.

Obama: US still developing strategy to deal with ISIS

The vicious terrorist group has its most comfortable stronghold in Syria, leaving open the possibility that defeating them in Iraq could leave them more entrenched one nation to the west – in a country that shares a hotly contested border with Israel, a key U.S. ally.

The administration has green-lighted surveillance flyovers across portions of eastern Syria in recent days to assess ISIS's numbers and evaluate potential military targets.

White House aides have leaked to a variety of news outlets the idea that Obama is considering striking ISIS in Syria despite objections from the country's dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

Syria is in general disarray as rebels from a range of moderate and militant Islamist groups have fought a civil war for more than three years with the aim of taking over the country. 

ISIS is among the groups that oppose Assad. Crushing them could strengthen the barbaric regime in Damascus, and vice versa. 

Horror: Video emerged Thursday showing ISIS militants marching 250 Syrian soldiers, lad only in their underwear, to a mass execution near the key northern Tabqa air base

Gathering strength: ISIS captured this munitions warehouse in Raqqa, Syria on Sunday

Dealing with that conundrum 'is going to be a long-term project,' Obama said. 'It's going to require us to stabilize Syria in some fashion' but identifying moderate Sunni Muslims who can govern the country. 

Expanding his Iraq campaign to a second country, though, could highlight his administration's failure to intervene a year ago after Obama warned Assad about the consequences of crossing a 'red line' by deploying chemical weapons against the rebels.

He said Thursday that he has directed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the military's Joint Chiefs of Staff 'to prepare a range of options' for him.

A Pew Research Center poll released Thursday found that 54 per cent of Americans believe Obama isn't tough enough with foreign adversaries. They rank ISIS among the top foreign threats to the U.S. 

'While overall his job rating has remained stable this year (currently 42% approve, 50% disapprove),' Pew reported, 'he gets his best rating for handling race relations and more negative ratings for handling policy toward Israel, the situation in Russia and Ukraine, and Iraq.'

Nearly half of Americans, 48 per cent, told pollsters that America 'is a less important and powerful world leader than it was 10 years ago,' according to Pew.

Just 15 per cent said its importance globally has grown during the Obama administration, a number that is near a 40-year low.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Third Peaceful Night in US Town of Ferguson

There’s nothing left to steal.

Interesting sign. NO JUSTICE  NO PEACE.

Tell me, where's the justice in breaking in and looting stores in Ferguson? The store owners had nothing to do whatsoever with the death of Brown yet they had to pay a price. Why? Because for the looters (criminals) this was business as usual  but this time they could feel a sense of community service by attaching a "cause" to it. Many of them didn't even live in Ferguson but this golden opportunity was to good to pass up. They could rob and loot till their heart's content knowing the cops weren't going to shoot which is a departure from the  normal risk involved when they break into someone's home.

and Stormfax

Anyone think for a second these are"virgin" criminals?

If the store owner Brown strong-armed and robbed was black and he subsequently shot and killed Brown I wouldn't be writing this because no one except the immediate family would have ever heard about it. 

So what happens next? 

There will be a trail and if Wilson is found innocent they'll burn down the town. You know, just like the white people did after the OJ verdict. 

Bottom line:

A white man shot a black man. The circumstances don't mean a GD thing!


The streets of the central U.S. town of Ferguson, Missouri have been peaceful for a third consecutive night as tensions between police and protesters continued to subside.

The calm late Friday and early Saturday follows nearly two weeks of violence and unrest that erupted after a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager.

The National Guard began pulling out of Ferguson Friday.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the removal of the National Guard, saying the situation had "greatly improved with fewer incidents of outside instigators interfering with peaceful protesters, and fewer acts of violence."

The demonstrations have centered around the street where 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed on August 9. Police say Brown and officer Darren Wilson were involved in a struggle, but witnesses say the shooting was unprovoked. Wilson is on paid leave, with Brown's family and supporters calling for his arrest.

Many have complained that the police response to the protests has been heavy-handed.

More than a 150 people have been arrested in Ferguson since the protests began; most of them for failing to disperse at the request of police.

Brown's shooting has raised allegations of institutionalized racism and excessive use of force by police.

Two St. Louis area police officers have been suspended from their positions because of racially charged statements on the Internet.

One of the officers, Matthew Pappert, complained on his Facebook page the protesters "should have been put down like rabid dogs" on the first night.

A second officer, Dan Page, was relieved of his duties pending an internal review concerning a YouTube video in which he boasted about being a Jesus-loving "killer."

The incidents have highlighted the racial divide in Ferguson, a largely black town where almost all the police force and local politicians are white. Civil rights activists say Brown's death followed years of police targeting blacks. 

A grand jury has begun hearing evidence in the case and will determine whether to charge officer Wilson in the teen's death. Considering the racial tensions of the case, the makeup of the grand jury - three blacks and nine whites - is being closely scrutinized.

Some community residents say they are fearful anger could explode anew if the grand jury does not return a charge against Wilson.

Brown's family and the protesters have called for the removal of prosecutor Bob McCulloch, expressing concerns he will be biased. McCulloch's father was a police officer killed in the line of duty by a black man.

Meanwhile, the federal investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Brown's funeral is set for Monday.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Shrine for Michael Brown

A tribute to what Michael Brown really was?  

Mad Dog 20/20, Cough Syrup and Liquor Bottles.

(Strange combo for a role model)

Then again this is Barryland.

 I see they got the Robitussin right. But where's the Skittles and Arizona watermelon ice tea? What a way to be remembered! I wonder if Brown was on his way to becoming an airline pilot like Trayvon?

His mother described her son as her best friend and a sweet loving person. A “gentle giant” and a role model for his younger siblings.

The clip depicting his role model skills.

This we know.

 1.  Michael Brown robbed a store. This is undeniable.

2.  Shortly thereafter, which makes no sense, especially after he had just committed a robbery... Brown decides to walk down the middle of a street blocking traffic. (Would you try to draw attention to yourself after perpetrating a crime?)

3.  One witness said Brown had an altercation with Wilson. Brown tried to run but Wilson pulled out his gun. According to the witness Brown stopped, turned around, and said, "What are you going to do shoot me"... just before he charged  Wilson and subsequently was shot dead.

This scenario, if true, suggests there was something more than just pot in his system. How else can you explain this irrational behavior?

This isn't "character assassination" unless we're supposed to overlook Brown strong-arming the storekeeper. After watching the store video is it much of a stretch to believe he attacked Officer Wilson? Does anyone truly believe Wilson just gunned down Brown without any provocation?
 I strongly suspect the guilty culprit in Brown's death is Michael Brown.

Haven't we all seen this movie before?

…the MSM depiction.

      The gentle giant                      Saint Trayvon

             The reality


And of course Jesse... Everywhere he needs to be. 


Unless there is nothing to be gained.

I remember fondly how Jesse and Al really chipped in to help out during Katrina. you remember another MSM darling Crystal Gail Mangum in the Duke lacrosse case?

She presently is in jail for second-degree murder.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Obama plans return to WH for Iraq, Ferguson meetings

He's returning for the Ferguson meetings?

Ferguson is in the same league as the Iraqi situation? 

Remember this:

Any meetings devoted to Antonio West?


A Georgia woman said Friday a teenager trying to rob her at gunpoint asked "Do you want me to kill your baby?" before he fatally shot her 13-month-old son in the head." 

In the case of Antonio West:

Did Barry file adoption papers? Where was Stedman and his investigative team? Jackson and Sharpton. Where were they?

Was there so much as a peep from any of them? 

Switch the skin color…same story right?


President Obama's somewhat mysterious return to the White House from his Martha's Vineyard vacation starts late Sunday night.

The president is scheduled to have meetings at the White House on Monday and Tuesday, including Monday sessions devoted to the Iraq military operation and the unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

In the morning, Obama and Vice President Biden are scheduled to meet with members of the National Security Council about Iraq.

On Monday afternoon, Attorney General Eric Holder will brief Obama on the investigation of the recent police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., that has sparked major protests.

The president's brief trip – he is scheduled to return to Martha's Vineyard on Tuesday, and stay there the rest of the week – has inspired all sorts of speculation.

Obama is on track to announce major executive orders on immigration policy. But aides said that won't happen this week.

"I can assure you we are not anticipating a major announcement on immigration when the president is in Washington," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said last week.

The Obama administration had been planning a major rescue operation involving religious minorities trapped on a mountain in Iraq. But a Pentagon assessment team said last week that many people have been evacuated, and a rescue operation would not be necessary.

Obama is scheduled to be back at the White House at around 11 p.m. Sunday. Stay tuned for what happens over the next two days.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

O'Reilly on the race issue

Thought I posted this a long time ago... but I didn't.

Believe me... this is worth a look. 

(If video won't load click post title)

Video 81


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What happens when there is no accountability

U.S. debt balloons to $7 TRILLION more than it was when Obama took office

Total federal government debt has increased by 66 per cent since Barack Obama became president

Stunning milestone is revealed by Treasury Department website that discloses burgeoning numbers at the end of every business day

It took more than 223 years for the US to accumulate its first $7 trillion in debt

Obama has repeated the depressing feat in less than 67 months

Published: 15:25 EST, 4 August 2014 | Updated: 16:20 EST, 4 August 2014

The United States government's accumulated debts have grown by more than $7 trillion – with a 't' – since Barack Obama became president on January 20, 2009.

The sad milestone was revealed on July 31 by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on a 'debt to the penny' website that calculates the debt at the end of every business day.

On Obama's first day in office the debt stood at $10.626 trillion. Last Thursday it reached $17.687 trillion.


Somber salute to the economy? When Barack Obama came home from Camp David on Sunday, the nation was $7 trillion poorer than it was when he first arrived at the White House on January 20, 2009

Up, up, up: 
The national debt has grown steadily during the Obama years, jumping by a total of $7 trillion as of July 31

America's first 43 presidents took 223 years to rack up the country's first $7 trillion in red ink.

Obama has duplicated that dubious achievement in less than five years and seven months. 

After the same number of days in office, former President George W. Bush had increased the national debt by a comparatively paltry $2.720 trillion.

Bill Clinton's debt load at the same point in his presidency had increased by just $1,324 trillion.

The right-leaning Cybercast News Service was first to point out that Obama had cleared the $7 trillion hurdle in added financial obligations.

During a July 2008 campaign speech in North Dakota, then-Senator Obama ripped into the Bush administration for running up the federal debt by a total of $4 billion near the end of his second term.

'The problem is,' he said, 'is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back – $30,000 for every man, woman and child.'

'That’s irresponsible,' Obama said then. 'It’s unpatriotic.'

Barry assesses the situation and comes up with this knowing the idiots will fall for it and the MSM will never hold him accountable:

I'll say anything to get elected.

(If video won't load click post title)

Video 79

Don't believe me? Try this bullshit.

(If video won't load click post title)

Video 80

It's not permissible for anyone to hold me accountable. You didn't expect the MSM to question me did you?

The Republican Party ripped into the president on Monday with an email blast charging that after '[i]gnoring warnings from all corners, Obama has one of the worst records on the federal debt in U.S. history.'

The White House didn't immediately respond to a request for a response.

In February the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that 'federal debt held by the public will equal 74 percent of GDP at the end of this year and 79 percent in 2024.'

At the end of 2008, that number was just 39 per cent. At current rates of spending, by 2019 the debt will be larger than the nation's annual GDP.

Contrast: In their combined 12 years in office, the two Presidents Bush added a total of $7.4 trillion to the national debt -- a number Obama will equal after six years

'Such large and growing federal debt,' the CBO warns, 'could have serious negative consequences, including restraining economic growth in the long term, giving policymakers less flexibility to respond to unexpected challenges, and eventually increasing the risk of a fiscal crisis.'

Debt held by the public makes up about 71 per cent of the total federal debt. The rest consists of 'intragovernmental holdings' – government-speak for gaps in the Medicare Trust Fund, the Social Security Trust Fund, and other revolving funds.

Those lines on Uncle Sam's balance sheet totaled $5,036 trillion at the end of last Thursday, a number that represents how far behind the government is in meeting its long-term obligations to retirees and other benefit-takers.

Government spending has skyrocketed during Obama's time in office due to a combinations of his policies, a spendthrift Congress and recession-related automatic stabilizers like unemployment insurance that can quickly drain the Treasury.

The annual deficit – a single year's addition to the larger debt – was $1.413 trillion in 2009, Obama's first year in the White House. He has steadily reduced it year-on-year, and the 2014 deficit is expected to be $492 billion.

That number, however, is still larger than any other annual deficit in the history of the U.S. before he became president.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Even Forrest Gump could figure this out


Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to treat our one and only friend in the Middle East

This administration has always been passive rather than proactive in any given situation. "Leading from behind " comes to mind. The only way they find out what they're doing is when they hear about it on the news. In this instance their source must have been Al Jeezra because they have now sided with Hamas, a known terrorist organization financed and armed by Iran.

No previous administrated has given Israel, especially Netanyahu, the cold shoulder like the current one. I'm still in shock Barry carried the Jewish vote in the second go around. I would have thought they learned from their mistake.

But getting to the crux of the matter... The only reason for the existence of Hamas is the utter destruction of Israel period. Guess the fools in this administration fail to understand that, or worse yet, they do.

(If video won't load click post title)

Video 78

Hamas knows they can't go one on one against Israel's military. So they are waging a propaganda war using photos like these,

sacrificing women and children, knowingly placing them in arms way, in order to post it on the internet gaining sympathy from the media and the uneducated. (AKA low information Obama voters which includes most of Hollywood.)

No one wants to see children killed. Israel has done everything they can to avoid harming civilians. When was the last time Hamas distributed leaflets to warn Israeli citizens of an impending attack? What is Israel supposed to do...apologize for incurring less casualties then Hamas?

The proof Hamas could care less about the citizens in Lebanon... what are missiles, ammunition, RPG's, etc doing in and near schools, mosques, and hospitals?

Recently, the IDF decided to release intelligence photos such as this one – showing how Hezbollah has spread its weaponry throughout Lebanese villages in homes, mosques, hospitals and schools – making it impossible for Israel to defend itself against terrorist attacks without causing substantial civilian casualties such as happened in the Gaza war. The IDF had to make a decision as whether to keep this intelligence secret (from Hezbollah) or to let the world (and Hezbollah) know that Israel knows exactly where their arms are stockpiled.

In order to examine the situation we should look back to who provoked this latest conflict.

Weren't 3 Israeli teenagers kidnapped and killed by Muslims.

On 26 June, the Israel Security Agency released the identities of two Hamas suspects in the kidnapping. Both ISA and Palestinian authorities said that the two men have been missing since the night of the kidnapping, and the ISA stated that both had engaged in terrorism, been arrested, and served time in the past, and were considered suspects immediately after the kidnapping. A senior Palestinian intelligence official said off the record that their disappearance constituted clear evidence the two suspects have links with the abduction.

Look back over the past 50 years. How many times have you read about a Jewish suicide bomber?  Jews indiscriminately setting off  IED's? Flying airplanes into buildings? Wanting to kill someone because they converted from Judaism to Christianity? When was the last time you heard about Jews beheading anyone? would you like Muslims tunneling in to our country?
(We got enough problems with illegals) 

One final thought...what's the first thing you think of when you here the word Muslim or Islam?

Bet it ain't "it's the religion of peace".