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Friday, June 19, 2015

Just what we wanted to hear from Jeb Garcia

Video 120

He'll get a bounce all right.

What a sorry state of affairs. 

This awkward GOP candidate feels he must emulate the worthless moron currently in the oval office by appearing on the Tonight show making a fool out of himself in thinking this will grease the skids to his nomination. He couldn't be more wrong. The very thing that repulses me about Barry has been adopted by a Republican candidate! Who's advising this guy? These numb nut episodes are reserved for Democrats who have nothing to offer, no solutions, seeking popularity to cover for their lack of  leadership. Barry has been reduced to the role of a capon. And in the eyes of the world, to friend and foe alike, every country knows it.  

Haven't we had enough of this kind of shit already? Seriously, are these the actions of a pimple-faced teenager with a new iPhone or the Commander in Chief of the United States? 


In other news...
Guess Marie Osmond is still waiting for the call at Nutrisystems.

And last but not least. The Pope is now officially an advocate of climate change.

 Seems to me he took a much bigger interest in climate change then he has with ISIS killing Catholics. The Dem’s are going to run wild with this.

 I can here Barry, Pelosi, and Hillary now…"See.. even the Pope agrees with us.”

Not the best of times.



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