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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Burial of Boston terror suspect delayed after funeral home refuses to take body of 'extremist'

What... the city landfill is closed?

Shot in the back 3 times? 
Haven't the so-called "witnesses" used this lie before?

Along the same line...

Autopsy confirmed Michael Brown didn't have his hands up nor was he shot in the back... 

another Tawana Déjà moment for Al.

When this turd (Rahim- because there are so many) called his father to say goodbye... did he think he was hopping a jet for Montego Bay?

This story could be summed up with a modified cliché.

Same shit different thug.


Usaamah Abdullah Rahim was shot dead by police on Tuesday

Knoll wood Memorial Park funeral home refuse suspected extremist's body 

Police will release surveillance video of shooting after his burial 

Boston ISIS radical activist called his father to say goodbye before being shot dead

The Boston terror suspect allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired beheading of a local cop and to kill 'Draw Muhammad' activist Pamela Geller, had called his father to say goodbye before he was shot dead, according to a new report.

Delays: The funeral of terror suspect Usaama Rahim has been held up by a funeral home refusing to take his body

The funeral of Boston terror suspect Usaamah Abdullah Rahim is being held up because a local cemetery refused to take his body.

Rahim, 26, was fatally shot on Tuesday after investigators said he wielded a military-style knife as they sought to question him about 'terrorist-related information.'

He was allegedly planning to behead the controversial anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller and police officers and was under surveillance by authorities.

The Knollwood Memorial Park funeral home in Canton, Massachusetts, refused any part in his burial, which his family hoped to hold today. 

'They wouldn't take him because he was a suspected terrorist,' Abdullah Faruuq, Imam of the Mosque for Praising Allah in Roxbury, told CNN.

Another unnamed funeral home has now agreed to take the body, he said. 

Once the funeral has take place, police will release the surveillance video of Rahim's shooting to the public, after holding it back per the family's request. 

Police have said the video shows officers backing up and Rahim moving toward them before they fired. 

Rahim's brother Ibrahim Rahim, a well-known imam in Boston, originally hit out at police, claiming Usaamah had been shot three times in the back.

But after seeing the video, Ibrahim Rahim acknowledged that his initial post was not correct, and he asked the public not to jump to conclusions. 

A family attorney said he now regrets posting a Facebook message based on incorrect, third-hand information claiming that his brother had been shot three times in the back. 

(third-hand information is what Al makes a living from)

Threat: Law enforcement officials lift a knife that was believed to be held by Usaamah Rahim, who police shot on Tuesday in Boston

Speaking out: Rahim's family said they were unaware of any plans he may have had to behead police officers. Rahim was shot dead in a confrontation Tuesday in Everett, Massachusetts

Police Commissioner William Evans said Rahim had talked about beheading blogger Pamela Geller before deciding to target police officers. 

'There was some mention of that name,' said Evans, who dismissed the idea as 'wishful thinking' while speaking on the 'Today' show.

Ms Geller called for the Boston mosque to be monitored saying it also had ties to the Boston Marathon bombers and a top American al Qaeda operative. 

Shewas threatened by the Islamic State after organizing a 'Draw Muhammad' cartoon event in Garland, Texas, where two extremists were shot dead while trying to carry out an attack

A Muslim leader said on Thursday that his killing by Boston Police and the FBI was reckless and unnecessary.

Controversial: Pamela Geller, American Freedom Defense Initiative's Houston-based founder, was a beheading target

A banner reading "United We Stand For Peace on Earth" stands outside the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge. 

Guess you can find humor in anything.


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