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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Photos: Rachel Dolezal through the years

A liar extraordinaire. 
The left is telling us...  If it’s okay to be transgender (Caitlyn), what’s wrong with being “transracial”?

The facts are Dolezal is accused of lying about her past and is under investigation by local authorities for committing fraud; Jenner is not and did not. 

She even makes me look good

“Transracial” is just another term for liar. The term is a joke onto itself. Think about it.  In your lifetime how many Caucasians did you know who passed themselves off as African-American?


Snow White around the age of 15.

Snow White married a black man who later beat her (she claims) and  subsequently filed for divorce.

So what to do?

Become black yourself. Notice the evolution. I'm surprised she didn't change her name. Traynesha Green maybe?

This is her with her "father".

The guy in the middle is her adopted brother who also doubles as her son

She has told so many lies in her life you can't figure out where one ends and the next begins. How about this one... She was born in a tepee and brought up in South Africa, she had to hunt with a bow and arrow for food. None of it, say her family, is remotely true — she hasn’t even set foot in Africa.

Maybe she should get together with Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren. They have a lot it common.

Her mother and father call her out as a liar.

Video 119

Stay tuned next week when Al goes 'whiteface'

 infiltrates the KKK and becomes the Grand Dragon.


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