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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The liberal hysteria and putting it to work in their favor

31,000 deleted emails just went up in a puff of smoke. She'll never admit it but Hillary's raising her glass toasting the latest chain of events along with the MSM. The ruling on ObamaCare subsidies, Charleston, the Confederate flag, and ruling same sex marriage is the new normal will all be put to good use.


They know they can twist these events in their favor effectively painting Republicans in a corner.

1. They're against ObamaCare because POTUS is black.

2. 9 people were murdered in Charleston not by a lunatic racist but because of lack of more stringent gun control laws and that pesky 2nd Amendment. Who to blame? Those gun-carrying 2nd Amendment loving conservatives. 

3. Oh... and take down that Confederate flag! Strip the south of its history and dignity. Everyone knows the effect that flag has mesmerizing the citizenry into such an a hypnotic state it compells them to kill others of another race. And while your at it lets rename Jefferson Davis Hwy. 

Why not burn down the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Virginia? 

What should be done with the Jefferson Memorial? After all he owned slaves... even had six children with one Sally Hemings. 

The flag that represents the South is banned from sale on eBay, because the South is politically incorrect for being “racist.” However, eBay does offer this less offensive item for sale:

(F*** your God on the shirt)

BTW... Does EBay sell any fuck Muhammed T shirts?

4. Republican hopefuls will be grilled on same sex marriage you can count on that. They will be branded homophobes for not going along with the SC ruling. The question is how many people in America believe the SC represents a higher  authority then Leviticus 18 and 20:"You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination?" My suggestion for Republicans is stick to your guns pun intended. If we go down in flames so be it. At least we can say we stood for something. For we are the last bastion against American decline militarily, morally, and spiritually.

Believe me... we are

That's the problem. Who are you?

Then there's this. 
Senator Hillary Clinton 2004

Let's see her  "I misspoke"  her way out of this one.

Video 125

 Of course you won't see this coming from the MSM.


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