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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Susan Sarandon calls for Oklahoma death row inmate to be spared

This is the premise why is life should be spared:

Check out number 4 and 5

1) Richard was not accused of killing anyone. He is not a murderer. 

2) Richard had no prior history of violence, had never been arrested, and had always been a law-abiding citizen.

3) Richard was convicted of conspiring to murder, with no evidence other than the testimony of the killer (who was allowed to plea bargain as a result)

4) Richard is on death row because Oklahoma State law says that if you offer someone money to kill somebody you get the death penalty; i.e. you don't have to actually kill anyone to be killed by the State.

(If he paid someone to kill another isn't he just as guilty, if not more so, than the one who actually did the deed?)

5) Even the jury, in sentencing him, specifically stated that Richard is not a threat to society.

(But he took it to the Supreme Court and they said he was)

6) Richard did not have the funds to hire a good attorney. If he had, it is unlikely that he'd be in jail. Much less about to be executed

Sarandon said:

"Once a mistake has been made within a judicial system, people just do not want to admit that mistake has been made and it becomes impossible to readdress them."

The same could be said about PP killing the unborn for body parts to sell. I know if this guy is guilty or not? No. But somehow in the warped mind of liberals a convicted killer's life is more important then theirs.

The liberal mindset


Richard Glossip, 52, is due to die next month after 17 years on death row
Convicted of murder for ordering hit on Barry Alan Van Treese in 1997
Sarandon believes he is innocent and said trials were 'ridiculous'
She called on public to write letters to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin 

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has appealed to the U.S. public to help try to stop the execution of a death row inmate she believes is innocent.

Richard Glossip, 52, is due to die by lethal injection next month but has always maintained he is not guilty of murder.

He was sentenced to death for his part in the killing of motel owner Barry Alan Van Treese in January 1997.

Plea: Actress Susan Sarandon (left) has appealed for the public's help to halt the execution of Richard Glossip, (right) due to be executed next month, who she says is 'clearly innocent' 

Ms Sarandon told Sky News that the scheduled execution in Oklahoma shows everything that is wrong with the death penalty in America.

Glossip was convicted on the testimony of Justin Sneed, who confessed to beating Treese to death with a baseball bat, but said he had been hired to do it by Glossip.

Sneed was given a prison sentence whereas Glossip was sentenced to death and has spent the last 17 years on death row. 

The actress, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of anti-capital punishment campaigner Sister Helen Prejean in the 1995 film Dead Man Walking, described Glossip's two trials as 'ridiculous' and said there was no physical evidence to implicate him.

She also described the governor of Oklahoma as a 'horrible person' for refusing to intervene.

'Once a mistake has been made within a judicial system, people just do not want to admit that mistake has been made and it becomes impossible to readdress them,' she said.

'And the only thing now that is going to give him a chance to survive is public opinion - is public embarrassment.' 

The Thelma and Louise actress has called on people to write to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, calling for her intervention to grant a stay of execution.

The governor and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt both declined requests for interviews, according to Sky News.

But Pruitt's office released a statement saying a jury had twice convicted and sentenced Glossip in the murder of Barry Van Treese.

'Glossip has challenged his conviction all the way to the US Supreme Court, exhausting all appeals, and has been unsuccessful at each challenge.


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