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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The One Question Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Isn’t Answering About the Turning Over of Her Server

The Justice Department is going to investigate. Who is the head of the Justice Department? Loretta Lynch... appointed by Barry. Looks like the knife is about to be plunged in Killary's back to make room for Joe.


Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announced Tuesday that the Democratic frontrunner would turn over her private home sever to the Justice Department — but there's one question her campaign hasn't answered: why now?

In March, Clinton said in no uncertain terms that she would not hand over her server or allow an independent third party to examine the emails on it.

"The server contains personal communications from my husband and me," Clinton said. "And the server will remain private."

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Fast forward a few months, and things suddenly changed.

"She directed her team to give her email server that she used during her tenure as Secretary to the Department of Justice, as well as a thumb drive containing copies of her emails already provided to the State Department," campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said Tuesday.

As news broke that Clinton would hand over the server, a U.S. official said that the FBI had seized the Democratic frontrunner's emails.

Merrill's statement, however, did not name that as reason why Clinton had suddenly made the decision. 

So what is the reason for the sudden change?

The Clinton campaign did not respond to multiple inquiries seeking comment.


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