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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Radical Muslims Finds New “Tear Apart” Torture for Unbelievers… This Is Horrific

On a tip from Ed Kilbane

As the Islamic State terror group has spread its self-proclaimed caliphate throughout Iraq and Syria, its fighters have wreaked havoc wherever they go.

One of the calling cards of the radical jihadist group has been its horrific propaganda videos, often showing the execution of Christians and other “non-believers” in a variety of ways. And the group continues to devise new and atrocious ways to slaughter innocent men and women.

The latest propaganda video put out by the Islamic State group showed the execution of a purported spy in a most brutal and prolonged manner.

With his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied to the bumper of one of their trucks, the Islamic State barbarians dragged the man along the ground throughout the town.

In what must have been a horribly painful death, the man had his arms nearly ripped from his body, bit by bit, as he was pulled along the rough ground at varying speeds.

Caution: The video is quite graphic and disturbing.

Go here if you want to throw up.

This is what these savages do to those they consider to be “unbelievers,” i.e. anyone who doesn’t fully and unquestioningly support their plans to conquer the region and beyond, implementing a strict fundamentalist version of their Islamic faith.

How many more people do we need to see them drag behind a truck until they are dead? How many more people do we need to see roasted alive?

How many more beheadings must we see before we finally realize that these monsters must be obliterated, annihilated, and in all ways exterminated, if there is ever hope for peace in the Middle East, if not the entire world?


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