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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Debate a quick synopsis

For starters Cruz had the best retort of the night. He annihilated the MSM including CNBC and the moderators. I cannot fucking stand John Harwood. It runs blue when he gets a paper cut. Handing him over to ISIS would be a great idea if he wasn't already “beheaded”. 

I thought all the candidates had a good night. Cruz and Kasich’s stock definitely went up Rubio too. Everybody else pretty much held their own. There was one exception. Carl Quintanilla threw what would have been a touchdown pass to Bush. I’m talking about fantasy football. Bush fumbled the ball on the 3 yard line and Christie picked it and went all the way for the score. Rubio also pummeled Bush after Bush attacked him on his "French work week" demanding he resign from the senate. To put things straight
I was finished with Bush before the debates. In 2014 he said crossing the border illegally is "an act of love". The same hypothesis could be applied to a bank robber. 

Jim Gilmore is starting to look better than him.



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