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Monday, January 25, 2016

It always amazes me how they can dig this stuff up

The Investigative Team (aka MSM) dig in the dirt like over eager Egyptian archaeologists to find whatever smut they can when it comes to a Republican.

The little excavators went to work on Bush and discovered a 'nugget' when they found a DWI in 1976. His military service also came into question during the 2004 election brought about by a Dan Rather hit piece.

They got out the shovels again when Ben Carson became a threat. They dug back to 1969 when Carson was 17 years old to unearth whether or not he had a full scholarship at West Point.

And now their latest discovery. A 1988 video time capsule of Ted Cruz age 18 wanting to" take over the world in total domination".

Video 212

 But when it comes to uncovering the college transcripts and a plethora of scandals from the current administration their excavation skills seem to vanish.

 Anyone think this is a little too coincidental?

Now throw in Jay Carney former WH press secretary now works for ABC. Oh...and Ben Rhodes Barry's Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting, he was the one who came up with "it was the video", his brother, David, is President of CBS News!

Now you know why... when it comes to the left they can never find a shovel.



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