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Monday, January 18, 2016

'It has been a good day': Obama applauds his own 'smart' diplomacy with Iran claiming the country will NEVER get a nuclear bomb

Make sure you copy this and put it in a safe place. I bet the house he'll live to regret this statement. But with his track record when Iran test fires their first nuke he'll blame the sitting president ("it didn't happen on my watch") unless it's a Democrat, then he'll go to his reliable stand in Bush. 

(Interesting... during press conferences with Josh Earnest reporters repeatedly asked, Why couldn't the WH secure the release of the prisoner/hostages after lifting sanctions and giving Iran $150 billion? Earnest stumbled with remarks like, "it wasn't in the cards" downplaying its significance right and left. But now that they're released it's a "Diplomatic Breakthrough")


President Obama addressed the nation Sunday, saying Iran has been prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

"Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb. The region, the United States and the world will be more secure," Obama said.

Obama spoke from the White House on Sunday, one day after the United Nations certified that Iran had curbed its nuclear program as promised.

The certification triggered the reversal of billions of dollars of international economic sanctions.

Iran also released four Iranian-Americans for seven Iranians in U.S. prisons as part of a prisoner swap. A fifth American detained in Iran was also sent home to the U.S.

In the rare Sunday address, President Obama said the Iran nuclear deal paved the way for the release of other  diplomatic breakthroughs, including the release of several Americans held  prisoner in Iran and a longstanding dispute between the two countries in international court.

"This is a good day, because once against we're seeing what's possible with strong American diplomacy," Mr. Obama said. "As I said in my State of the Union address, ensuring the security of the United States and the security of our people demands a smart, patient and disciplined approach to the world."

There have been several major developments in the U.S.-Iran relationship over the weekend. On Saturday, the U.S. and Iran announced that four Americans detained in Iran would be released from prison and the U.S. would pardon or drop charges against seven Iranians accused or convicted of violating U.S. sanctions. 

Mr. Obama on Sunday called it a "reciprocal humanitarian gesture."

"These individuals were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses," the president said. "They are civilians and their release is a one-time gesture to Iran given the unique opportunity offered by this moment and the larger circumstances at play. And it reflects our willingness to engage with Iran to advance our mutual interests, even as we ensure the national security of the United States."

Iran has also promised to cooperate with the U.S. to locate Robert Levinson, the ex-CIA contractor who disappeared in Iran in 2007. The U.S. will drop Interpol "red notices," which amount to arrest warrants, on 14 Iranian fugitives.

"We will never forget about Bob. Each and every day, and especially today, our hearts are with the Levinson family and we will not rest until their family is whole again," Mr. Obama said.

Separate from the deal on prisoners, the U.S. and European Union lifted economic sanctions on Iran after the head of the U.N. nuclear agency affirmed that Iran was in compliance with the landmark nuclear deal reached with six world powers.


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