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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Killary Clinton Outraged Over Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder just switched places with Lois Lerner.

For Democrats, this is a bigger scandal than the IRS. Oh...and I'm sure she never anticipated this:

Her involvement in this is purely political. Rick Snyder is a Republican. Do you think for one second had this occurred in Pennsylvania where the governor is a Dem she would have opened her big mouth? Suddenly she's troubled about lead poisoning but could care less about 4 dead Americans who died in Benghazi of 'lead poisoning' when she delivered her infamous eulogy "What difference does it make".

Video 208 

Had to smile when I heard this, "when they asked for help... he stonewalled"

Now watch this 180 take on (D) Rahm Emanuel. Everybody and their brother knows 'dead fish' withheld the Laquan McDonald video until after the election. Watch her walk a fine line trying to save dead fish yet not piss off the voters who hate him. BTW...we are only 21 days into the new year and already 100 people have been shot in Chicago. Probably because the background checks are not extensive enough.

Video 209


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