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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obama clearing out Gitmo

If you recall the 5 for one swap was done behind the back of Congress.  With this new batch he's releasing (17) once more he is refusing to inform Congress who they are in direct violation of the law. A few about to be released were deemed by the Bush administration “too dangerous to let go”. When the liberal fools voted for him with his promise to close down Gitmo... bet they didn’t know it would be from lack of occupancy! 

Barry likes to blame Gitmo as a recruiting tool for terrorism. (So when they were captured on the battlefield we should have  done what? Release them... like he's doing now?)

This is the list of Muslim terrorist attacks before and after 911. 

You would have to be a fool to believe closing down Gitmo is going to somehow put a dent in terrorism. Yet he sits on his ass while ISIS is killing men, woman, and children a dime a dozen and recruiting people faster than eHarmony. Before Barry came along there was no ISIS or Boko Haram. Now one has sworn allegiance to the other. Are we to believe they had a powwow, merged, and their mission statement is...Will fight to the last breath to close down Gitmo?
 Give me a break. 

On the surface everything Barry does makes no sense. 

Refusing to call Islamic terrorism 
Islamic terrorism. 

Calling out and out terrorist attacks "workplace violence" in order to cover for Islam.

Lecturing us about getting off our high horse, slavery, The Jim Cows Laws in his defense of Islam.

The 5 for 1 swap. And now wholesale exhoneration. 

Cuts an insane deal with Iran that only benefits them while giving the U.S. and Isreal the shaft.

Backed the Muslim Brotherhood over Mubarak in Egypt.

But once you understand his true motivation... everything he does makes perfect sense.


President Barack Obama long ago declared the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over, so it should be no surprise that he's releasing the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. After all, when wars end, prisoners of war are released.

The problem — much as the president might wish otherwise — is that those wars aren't over and that many of the detainees he's releasing not only are very dangerous but intent on returning to the fight.

No wonder U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., is protesting the president's recent plan for the imminent release of another 17 Gitmo prisoners.

"With the intelligence community in agreement that 30 percent of the terrorists released from Guantanamo are known or suspected to have rejoined the fight against Americans — it is reckless to release more of these prisoners or bring them on U.S. soil," Kirk said.

President Obama has long made it clear that he wants to close Guantanamo Bay, and he's gone a long way to depopulating it.

Including the pending release of another 17 inmates there, the population is expected to fall to roughly 90 by mid-January.

The initial debate over Obama's plan to close Gitmo involved his desire to transfer inmates there to prisons inside the United States. A bipartisan majority in Congress rejected that plan, asserting that because they might pose an additional security threat inside this country, it is better to keep them at Guantanamo Bay.

In reaction to Congress blocking the transfers, Obama has decided that simply freeing them upon the promise of good behavior is the best way to go. He has routinely argued over the years that the Guantanamo Bay facility should be closed because it serves as a recruiting tool for radical Islamists.

Even if that is true, jihadists will find other means to enlarge their ranks. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently claimed that the Islamic State group and al-Qaida are using Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a recruiting tool.

Obama has released more than 600 Gitmo detainees, each time claiming that they pose no threat because they either have mended their ways or are low-level operatives.

But intelligence sources confirmed that many of them have left the countries that agreed to take them and returned to the fight. Of the 653 detainees released, intelligence agencies say they know for certain that 117 returned to jihad and suspect that another 79 have done so. That's roughly one in three.

Nonetheless, Obama downplays the threat that the released pose.

"The judgment we're continually making is: Are there individuals (under consideration for release) who are significantly more dangerous than the people who are already out there who are fighting? What do they add? Do they have special skills? Do they have special knowledge that ends up making a significant threat to the United States?" he recently explained.

So, theoretically, if there are individuals in ISIS, al-Qaida or any other jihadist organizations who might be even more dangerous than a detainee under consideration for release, there's no harm done by letting them go. That's a curious standard, particularly since those still held at Gitmo have been repeatedly described as the worst of the worst, the most ideologically committed and dangerous of the original Gitmo population.

President Obama is required by law to inform — not seek permission from — Congress of his plans to release Gitmo detainees. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter recently took that step, meaning the latest round of Gitmo population reductions is on the front burner.

If past is prologue, President Obama's action will add to the enemy's strength. Unfortunately, given his ideological commitment to shutting down Gitmo, there is nothing to deter Obama, the nation's commander in chief, from taking this unwise step.

But there will be repercussions. The president can argue all he wants that the releases are no big deal in a military sense. But common sense indicates otherwise.


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