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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oscars 2016: Al Sharpton criticizes lack of diversity, urges boycott

Check out this asshole!

No Oscar for blacks...Wrong.
BET awards just fine. 

Coming to a town near you.


The Rev. Al Sharpton sharply criticized the Affirmative Action Awards, I mean the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, on Friday for the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees, and the Los Angeles chapter of his National Action Network is calling for a boycott of the upcoming awards show.

“Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher up you get the whiter it gets,” Sharpton said in a statement, “and this year’s Academy Awards will be yet another Rocky Mountain Oscars. Yet again, deserving black actors and directors were ignored by the academy — which reinforces the fact that there are few if any blacks with real power in Hollywood. Being left out of awards consideration is about more than just recognition for a job well done; winning an Oscar has long-lasting cultural and economic impacts. Nominations should be based on race, not performance."

A possible reason:

OSCAR SHOCKER 2013! 9 Year Old Black Girl Nominated For Best Actress

How do you pronounce Quvenzhane' Wallis? 

(Pretty little girl  but her name required a tutorial before the nomination)

Video 205

After addressing the Academy the head of MSNBC weighed in saying his "network is being race hustled" after cutting Al's show (PoliticsNation) from five days a week down to one on Sunday morning at 8:00 am. "According to the Neilsen ratings besides Tawana Brawley and Keith Olbermann, only five other people watch the show. And he still can't read a teleprompter." He added, "We didn't want to get embroiled in a lawsuit if we fired him. We held out hope the IRS would have arrested him by now but nothing ever happened. Probably because of his connections to the WH."

For the second year in a row, all 20 acting nominees are white. In the directing category, there is only one person of color (Alejandro G. Iñárritu) and no women. And for best picture, no films with predominantly black casts (such as Creed or Straight Outta Compton) are in the running.

Taking umbrage over Sharpton's comment, John Riggins Hall of Fame running back tweeted: "The pot calling the kettle black. I don't think it's fair. Why are the top ten running backs of all time black? So what if they got more yardage than me!" 

In response, NAN L.A. is urging a nationwide “TV tune-out” of the Oscars show, which is to air Feb. 28.

“The lack of African Americans and women excluded from the major categories of Oscar nominees is appalling,” said Najee Ali, NAN L.A.’s political director, in a statement.

Sharpton’s statement added that NAN is convening a Hollywood summit next month “to bring light to those studios and others in the film industry who aren’t living up to their obligations. We will not sit idly by and allow our community to be disregarded. A black person is deserving of an Oscar. Obviously, Hollywood is unaware of Affirmative Action.”

The Academy did not immediately respond to request for comment. However, in an attempt to defuse the situation the head of the NCAA named Cardale Jones the most articulate quarterback in all of college football. Meanwhile, MSNBC moved PoliticsNation to 3:00 am. Sunday.


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