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Monday, January 18, 2016

The life and times of Reverend Jamal Bryant

Attention-grabbing: Reverend Jamal Bryant gave the eulogy at the funeral for Freddie Gray at New Shiloh Baptist Church on April 27, 2015, in Baltimore. Fellow race baiter Reverend Jesse Jackson, another"reverend" who is no newbie when it comes to out of wedlock children,  looked on in a show of support. Kind of makes you wonder if Cosby missed his true calling.

A little background info on the 'good reverend': 

Bryant has a daughter, Topaz (born in 1998), with an Atlanta woman named Crystal Madison.

He married Hampton University graduate Gizelle Bryant in 2002. They have daughters Grace (born November 2004) and twins Angel & Adore (born April 2006). In summer 2007 rumors exploded in the church that Jamal had gotten a 17-year-old church member pregnant. Church leaders asked him to step down while they initiated an investigation and awaited paternity test results. Jamal only responded that it is a private matter. Months after the investigation, Jamal Bryant remained the pastor of Empowerment Temple.

After Michelle Wedderburn filed for a child support increase, he finally acknowledged that he had fathered a daughter named Naomi with her in 2001.

In January 2008, Gizelle filed for divorce, due to Bryant's extramarital affairs but later cancelled the filing on January 24. In 2010, Gizelle attended Empowerment Temple and was called wife and first lady by Jamal, causing many to wonder if they had divorced. In 2012, Jamal Bryant was interviewed by Roland Martin concerning his affair and divorce where Bryant confirmed that they were divorced, living together, good friends and were co-parenting their children well. He stated in the interview that had he not divorced her he knows he would have been unfaithful again.

Truly a man of the cloth.

Rev Jesse Jackson

Had an out of wedlock child. Son and daughter-in-law both jailed.

Rev Jeremiah Wright

Wright was right about one thing. The chickens did come home to roost. Feb 23rd, 2015 his daughter was sent to jail.

Rev Al Sharpton

Where do you begin? Let's start with $4.5 million in back taxes.

WOW...Just imagine what would have happened had they not been reverends!


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