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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Maybe they should rethink voter ID.

In the end, it came down to a coin toss in 6 districts. 

Anyone surprised Clinton won all six?

The biggest story coming out of Iowa was the virtual tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Throughout the night, Sanders and Clinton were separated by only a few votes. It was not until this morning that Clinton was officially declared the winner. Based on how close the race was, many thought a recount would be taking place. The Iowa Dems have now announced that no recount will happen and Hillary Clinton will remain the winner in Iowa. Bernie Sanders is not happy about the decision to not have a recount.

During the course of the evening, it was reported that 90 precincts had lost their votes. Bernie Sanders alleged that the 90 caucus sites where the votes were lost were not staffed properly and that these missing votes could have been enough to sway the caucus in his favor. Based on how the democrats run their caucus, a recount is not possible even if they wanted to have one.

(Missing votes, missing emails...what difference does it make)

Many people would think that both the Democrats and Republicans would have similar voting procedures in the caucus. The Republicans wrote on paper who they wanted to vote for and those votes were then counted. The Democrats did not use paper balloting. They didn’t even have to write the name of their candidate down on anything. The people who wanted Sanders to win grouped together on one side of the room while the Clinton supporters grouped on another side of the room. Precinct chairs would then count how many people were in each group and whoever had the most people, won.

(Surely, nothing could go wrong using this method)

Since the Iowa Caucus was not an official election like the one for President, each party can set their own rules for the process. No paper trail exists to allow a recount based on the method that the Democrats used last night. With only tenths of a percentage point separating Sanders and Clinton, the vote total accuracy could have swayed the election in the favor of Clinton. The votes that were lost in the 90 precincts were estimated to have been up to five percent of the total votes in Iowa.

(Most of them were probably for Sanders. Strange how this stuff happens. Then we wonder why there is so much voter fraud in their party in the general election)

Bernie Sanders was said to not have much of a chance in Iowa against Clinton. At one point, Sanders was down by over 20 percent in the Iowa polls. Many political experts are saying that even though Sanders lost the caucus, he won by being able to essentially tie Clinton and split the Democrat delegates.


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