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Monday, June 13, 2016

Barry's take...

Hate crime. Kills 9.

The Confederate flag needs to come down. His crime demands the complete removal of our Southern history. Statues of prominent Confederate generals  across the country need to be removed as well as street names such as Robert E. Lee Blvd need to be changed because we are so offended by our Southern heritage we simply can't survive... although we have survived quite well since the Civil War. I'm not defending this guy. Just an observation. Who comes off as the bigger threat. A red neck racist or a Muslim terrorist? 

Hate Crime. Kills 50 (so far)

Can't bring himself to call this dog a Muslim terrorist although he singlehandedly killed more people in a terrorist attack than anyone else since 911! After all, he's just practicing his religious freedom, Sharia Law, which requires the killing of homosexuals. The... "confusion" over what bathroom to use may have been the last straw'. 

BTW... Why is the answer to terrorism always gun control but they never address who pulls the trigger. When did guns start walking into nightclubs and firing by themselves?

Brace yourself for the onslaught of Muslims racing to the nearest news network to denounce this latest attack.

This is the way the liberal mindset works: 


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